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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Inaugural Three Rivers Philosophizer by @LCJS

By: Lee C.J. Sobotka | Staff Writer

If you're still reading this, welcome!  In this new year, I'm branding my Saturday post under the name Three Rivers Philosophizer - a name I've used in the past for my personal website.  It's like a philosopher, but with a "yinzer" twist.

It's corny.

I know.

As for that ref:

That ref isn't the only one who is sick.  I missed pretty much the second half of last night game due to a NyQuil haze.

I woke up to multiple Yahoo alerts on my phone letting me know that all is right in the world with the Pens beating Tampa Bay 6-3.

In the future, I plan on being LESS sick in order to be MORE informative.

Also more corny, probably.

Today there is a full slate of Pittsburgh related sports.
  • The Pitt Panthers play basketball against North Carolina State at Noon.
  • The Pens play the Canadians at 7pm.
  • The Steelers play the Ravens in the playoffs at 8:15pm.

A few notes:
  • Evgeni Malkin laid the smack-down on Craig Adams' candy@$$
  • Russia beats the USA in the World Juniors.
  • The Winter Classic is played out, ratings wise. (Yet higher than a regular game).
  • Welcome to Pittsburgh, David Perron.

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