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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We Are Never Giving Up Patric Hornqvist, Like Ever by @pghgirl15222

The James Neal trade was met with mixed reviews alternating between extreme outrage and extreme relief. No in between, but rather a nation of fans that demanded their opinions be heard. By the end of October the trade began to look brilliant, and by the end of November the exchange seemed necessary. Why? Patric Hornqvist.

He has been a model of consistency since coming to Pittsburgh.

In his 20 games played, he has tallied 23 points and is a plus seven. A large amount of Hornqvist's production has been generated while playing alongside Sidney Crosby, and that's not a coincidence: Crosby creates more chances than he takes, a tendency that makes him elite. The Penguins' captain's ability to create something out of nothing is unrivaled, and his instinct is pure genius. No one has benefited from Crosby's play more than Hornqvist.

Hornqvist is willing to crash the net, something the Penguins have desperately needed over the past few seasons. He is willing to get the dirty goals; to give his body for a win. Add a player like Hornqvist on a wing with the best player in the world and wonderful, beautiful results occur. 

He also has built a chemistry with Crosby, and the two work so well together it's almost unfair. Their connection was evident immediately after the pair came together regardless of the fact that Crosby missed a large chunk of the preseason. It didn't matter. They would not be denied.

Crosby has always needed a player like Hornqvist. Sure, both Kunitz and Dupuis have been willing to drive the net before, but the center drive is what Hornqvist excels at. He's a workhorse and threatens goaltenders every shift.

The difference in both players' game when separated is apparent. Neither were as productive against the Islanders (which is admittedly hard to say about Hornqvist given his production, but he looks way more comfortable with Sidney), and there was a general sense of relief when #87 and #72 were reunited in the Penguins' 3-2 win against Boston.

What the future holds for these two is yet to be seen. I can say though that separating them is courting a risk that isn't worth it. 

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