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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Sidney Crosby Debate by @pghgirl15222

Sidney Crosby is easily one of the most polarizing players in professional sports today. His resume is full of awards and accolades and rival players consistently compliment on what he brings to the game. He is constantly thriving to get better and to compete at a higher level and his work ethic is enviable. Yet with all of the praise he receives he seems to get equally as many complaints which generally come in the form of "whining"  jokes from opposing fans.

We get it. When Crosby entered the league (at 18 years old) he whined more than those that had been there for years prior. He was eighteen. I would like to see the poise most had at eighteen. Spoiler alert: I can bet he had more composure at eighteen than most of us have ever had. Not to mention how he acted at eighteen is not how he acts now. It's completely different and incomparable. It makes you look silly to attempt to still expose it. We laugh as Penguins fans. 

Crosby talking to a ref.. you know, like most guys wearing the "C" do
The craziest part is that if Crosby even looks at a ref like he might debate a call you can search Crosby's name on social media and find things like: "CROSBY IS ABOUT TO WHINE TO THAT REF BECAUSE HE IS A WHINER AND HE SUCKS AND I HATE HIM." Cool story. Completely inaccurate, but cool. Most captains speak to refs. That is generally a job for the captain. It's not shocking or out of the ordinary and really you look silly attempting to argue that.
The most asinine Crosby cry baby commentary I have ever seen  occurred on Saturday. I doubt anyone could ever forget the shoot out ending to the Rangers game but shortly after my Twitter feed was flooded with arguments from Rangers fans stating that Crosby whined his way into the overturned goal. Okay.I am going to attempt to employ reason, but I know that generally sends opposing fans into a bigger fit (ironic, isn't it). 

The NHL called the refs in Pittsburgh after everyone was off of the ice including, you guessed it, Sidney Crosby. He came back on the ice to ask if his teammates needed to come back. How dare he do that! He is such a whiner! I apologize for the amount of sarcasm this article reeks of, but the argument is getting completely absurd.

The irony is Crosby whines as much as anyone else. I see players complain about something Crosby did far more than he ever complains about them. In fact, Crosby has never laid out any blame for the two hits that lead to the concussion like symptoms that nearly ended his career. No whining, no crying, nothing. If the situation were reserved though you can bet he would be blamed for the foreseeable future. Opposing fans would call for "revenge" on Crosby and he would forever be plagued as the guy who "almost ended so and so's career."

For the people that continue to paint Sidney Crosby as a whiner, complainer, cry baby or worse- Pens fans would like to thank you. You have supplied us with unlimited jokes at your expense. Keep going kids; we love watching you look for the reasons to hate the best player in the world.

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  1. Of course all the Crosby detractors would sign an entirely different tune if he wore their colors. Not a hockey fan in his/her right mind would not want to have Crosby. With that in mind their criticism is invalid.


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