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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pens/Canes Recap by @pghgirl15222

First Period:

Penguins had a much better start to this game after looking extremely lethargic last night. They went to the penalty kill pretty early after Bortuzzo headed to the sin bin. Faulk capitalized on this, 1-0 Canes. It didn’t last for very long though,  Malkin to Kunitz, 1-1.  Shortly after Bortuzzo makes up for his penalty, 2-1 Penguins. 

During a commercial break the Canes played a video thanking Jim Rutherford for his years of service to the Canes. According to Josh Yohe a decent amount of fans booed. Pretty trashy in my opinion. The man gave you years of dedication and you boo him? Alright.

On a side rant I am starting to be a full believer in the notion that the NHL is targeting the Penguins on penalties. I have watched a consistent lack of calls on behalf of the Penguins while opposing teams get a power play on the same type of issue. The  NHL is becoming very transparent with this. 

Pens finally get a power play with a little over 1 minute left in the first. After the recent string of non-calls I am shocked we even got one.

Second Period:

Spaling created a beautiful chance about 2 minutes into the second. Sent the puck beautifully to Hornqvist who barely missed. Nice to see the Nashville guys come together. 

The refs continue to confuse with their penalty calls. Ignore a potential penalty on Ehrhoff yet proceed to call a small hook on Malkin that the Canes constantly get away with. Make up call? Maybe, but they continue to force fans to try and figure out their maze of calls. So far no one has reached the expert level.

Penguins to the power play after a delay of game call against Carolina but failed to capitalize.  Shortly after Greiss had what was likely the save of the game while robbing Staal. Side note: Did you know Eric and Jordan Staal are brothers? Just in case no one told you guys. Spot the sarcasm.

Overall this was a slow period of hockey. Lots of whistles and stoppage of play. Pretty back and forth overall. Greiss was absolutely brilliant this period with some unreal saves. Bailed the Penguins out a few times. Penguins manage to escape it with the lead still, 2-1. 

Third Period:

The third period was summarized exactly like the other two: watching paint dry.  The refs are a little obsessed with their whistles tonight.

After what felt like an eternity of nothingness the Penguins get a beautiful goal by Ehrhoff. Holy offensive defensive production. Talk about guys stepping up when it is needed the most. 

Naturally the game ends with a questionable penalty to the Penguins. I wish I could pretend this was shocking but my acting skills are not that solid.

Penguins pull out the win and look a lot better in the process not that it is saying much. Overall some boring play. 3-2 Penguins


Semin was all over the ice tonight.

Sorry. Not sorry.

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