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Friday, October 3, 2014

Pittsburgh @penguins Pre-Season Fights by @evil_shero

Sep 23, 2014 3pd 08:22
2014-2015 Preseason

This fight began off a post-whistle scrum after a high hit from one of the Blue Jackets. This is Dumolin's 2nd pro fight (previous AHL scrap) and from what I can tell Brian likes to keep his opponent close to him while hooking his opponent with short jabs. This fight ended as quickly as it began with both men tumbling to the ice. Rychel landed 3-4 punches to the helmet as Dumo may have connected with a right cross before falling to the ice. Too close to call in this hug-fest.

Winner: Draw Brian Dumoulin (0-0-1)

Sep 25, 2014 2pd 08:43
2014-2015 Preseason

Despres is usually good for a fight or two a year and with the Penguins infinitely deep bench getting those last two spots on the defensive roster isn't going to be easy. Simon uses hsi massive 6'3" frame to grab his opponent's left shoulder pad and rifles off right hands, keeping his opponent away with his long reach. He can punch with both hand like Zach Sill and his strength usually keeps him postured the way he wants for a fight. 

This fight started after the play with ex-Penguin Matt Cooke stirring the pot in the crease after the play. Depres and Zucker broke away from the gathering and had a pretty good bout having Despres hit Zucker with a cannonade of rights and lefts. After a solid right hand to the chin Zucker pulled in close and tried to pull Despres off his feet to mercifully end the battle. 

Winner: Simon Despres (1-0)

Sep 27, 2014 3pd 01:45
2014-2015 Preseason

PL3 you had ONE job ... ONE job! The massive 6'5" Ponich dominated PL3 with what started as them locking up and turning into a brawl. When Ponich tossed his gloves he was close enough in to take off PL3's helmet and when Leblond tried to do the same a fury of punches reigned down on him. PL3 tried to stay in close to curb the damage but was Jersied and hit again for his troubles. Ponich noticed that Leblond was too vulnerable and let the linesmen step in to end the fight in a classy move.

Winner: Brett Ponich 

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