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Monday, October 13, 2014

@Penguins Fights: @theolec11 vs. Clayton Stoner

Oct 9, 2014 3pd 14:50
2014-2015 Regular Season

What a great way to start the season with a +Pittsburgh Penguins win and a great scrap with one of my favorite pugilists Zach Sill! Sill, obviously, is looking for that permanent position on a very deep and talented Penguins roster and is making a great case for himself taking on the massive Clayton Stoner.

The fight was initiated with Sill crashing into Stoner in the corner. Stoner, with the score being 6-3, decided to spark his team with a scrap and watching them square off at center ice was something special.

Sill got the grip that he was looking for initially, as he typically likes to grab the collar or should pads of his opposite punching arm. Stoner landed some solid shots right out of the gates and his strength overwhelmed Sill rag-dolling him around for the first part of the bout. Sill took damage to deal damage as the connected with simultaneous rights. Stoner was stunned with hook and went to position himself better and that's when Sill employed his sneaky "Princess Bride Strategy"  where he switches to his left and unloads for some massive damage.

There was a few unbalanced punches but Sill's strength and tenacity won him this fight. Being able to punch effectively with both hands is a massive advantage for Sill.

Winner - Zach Sill (1-0)

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