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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

@Penguins Fights: @Despres747 vs. @JVReemer21

Oct 11, 2014 3pd 19:27
2014-2015 Regular Season

Not much of a battle but I'm liking this mean streak Despres has been on. After winning a preseason bout with Jason Zucker Despres took matters into his own hands after JVR sat on him after a lazy hit. JVR is not much of a scrapper and I think Despres was counting on it after getting hit with 3 punches by surprise by JVR, Two rights connecting with Simon's head and a nice left to the jaw ended this fight in a tumble to the ice as VanRiemsdyke wins this tilt with an eagerness to go quickly. I'm liking the way Despres finally figured out he's 6'4" and is standing up for himself. If it wasn't for JVR's quick start he was outmatched with strength and size.

James VanRiemsdyke
Simon Despres (0-1)

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