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Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Favorite Hockey-Watching Recipes by @BrownEyedBaker


I have been a hockey fan my entire life, raised in a hockey-first house while the rest of Pittsburgh was obsessed with football.

My dad grew up playing pond hockey, then in pick-up men’s leagues, and I was barely old enough to tie my shoes when I started putting his stinky hockey equipment on for fun. He got me a street hockey stick with a pink blade and I was in heaven. We were lucky in that my dad was often gifted with his boss’ unused season tickets throughout the season, so growing up, we got to see A LOT of hockey in person.

When most little girls were doodling the names of New Kids on the Block inside their Trapper Keepers during 4th grade social studies class, I was listing the names and numbers of the Penguins’ roster. True story. By the age of eight I told my parents I wanted to be the first woman NHL hockey player. (Spoiler alert: That didn’t happen.)

While I did start watching football around 9th grade, hockey will always and forever be my #1 sport. When Lee asked if I would share some of my favorite recipes for watching games, I was more than thrilled. Coming in a close second to my love of hockey is my love of food. I’m big on snacking, so I’m sharing a ton of my favorite dips and snack food, as well as a couple slow cooker recipes for “real” food.

Enjoy the food, and GO PENS!

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