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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kapanen Possibly Back to Finland as Malkin Practices

More morning news regarding the Penguins as the season ticks closer and closer.  This time around it seems Kaspari Kapanen may be on the move while Malkin is back to moving.

Image via Pittsburgh Penguins
A Finnish article states that Penguins first pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, Kaspari Kapanen, is on his way back to Finland for the year.  The article, spotted by Dejan Kovacevic, isn't quite legible at first as our copy of the Finnish Rosetta Stone won't arrive until Christmas:

Kasperi Kapanen on palaamassa kotimaiseen jääkiekkoliigaan ja kasvattajaseuraansa KalPaan. Kapasella on kolmen vuoden sopimus NHL-liigan Pittsburgh Penguinsin kanssa, ja hän haki pelipaikkaa Penguinsin harjoitusleiriltä.  
KalPan urheilujohtaja Kimmo Kapanen myöntää Savon Sanomille, että Kapanen on tulossa Kuopioon. Hän ei kuitenkaan vahvista nuoren hyökkääjän pelaamista KalPassa.  
- Meillä ei sen suhteen ole vahvistusta Pittsburghin organisaatiolta, emmekä pysty vahvistamaan asiaa. Toivomme tietysti, että saisimme Kasperin vahvistamaan joukkuettamme, Kimmo Kapanen sanoo.  
However a trip through Google Translate gives us a better picture:
Kasperi Kapanen is returning to the domestic hockey league and been trained KalPaan .
Kapasella is a three-year contract - NHL League with the Pittsburgh Penguins , and he took the game place Penguins in training camp .
KalPa sporting director Kimmo Kapanen grant Savon Sanomat that Kapanen is coming to Kuopio . He did not , however, confirm the young attacker gaming KalPassa .
- We do not have confirmation as to the Pittsburgh organization , we are unable to confirm this. We hope , of course , that we Kasper strengthen our team , Kimmo Kapanen says.
The link stresses that it does not have confirmation with the Penguins on this news so take it with a grain of salt until the team releases the relevant information.  Kapanen was, however, absent from today's practice.

When reached for comment, GM Jim Rutherford says that Kapanen is still on the team.  It might be time to start tracking flights. #KapanenWatch

Meanwhile here in the US Evgeni Malkin took to the ice for his first team practice of the year.

He spent his time on the ice looking sharp in the new retro practice gear.

Image via @penguins

That's a good look, Geno.  A real good look.

We'll have more information on Malkin, and Kapanen, as it develops.


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