Sidney Crosby Jailed? Ottawa Sun Botches Report

Late last night/early this morning, the Ottawa Sun reported that Penguins captain and NHL scoring champion Sidney Crosby was arrested in Ottawa. The report (found HERE) indicated that Crosby's arrest was believed to be driving related.

However, CFPL 980 AM Radio in London, Ontario is reporting that the story is actually not true. The station says that Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau denied the report via Twitter.

“We have had no dealings with Mr. Crosby,” he tweeted.

The Ottawa Sun has since removed the story from its main website. The link to the mobile version of the story was still active, as of this writing.

Multiple sources confirm that Crosby is currently training in Vail, Colorado, a mere 28 hr drive from Ottawa. 22 hrs by Porsche.

UPDATE: The Ottawa Sun retracts their story.

We won't provide a link as to not drive up their hits (stories such as this only serve to draw attention to horrible, unreliable rags such as the Ottawa Sun) so we'll provide a screen shot.

This is year yearly reminder that the Ottawa Sun is trash.

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  1. But how long via Ferrari? We all know Sid is a Ferrari.

    1. Using a very complicated Calculus formula....and a highly-recommended "random number generator," I calculated the Ferrari time to be approximately 18 hours, 23 minutes, depending on the time of day he would pass through Davenport, IA and, of course, the model of Ferrari he was driving. lol

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