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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

20 Q: How Well Do You Know the New Penguins? by @ChicksDigHockey

The Penguins have made sweeping changes in the off-season. Here’s a little quiz to see how well you know the current team and staff. You could easily Google all of the answers or you could have some fun and see what you know. Answers to follow tomorrow.

1.            Who will wear # 17?  

2.            Who is the tallest player on the team? 

3.            Who is the new head coach, his 2 assistant coaches and the goalie coach (first and last names,     please)? 

4.            What is Mark Recchi’s job with the team? 

5.            Even though he missed the second half of the season with a knee injury, how many points did      Pascal Dupuis put up last season? 

6.            This 5’ 11” Penguin is locked in until the 2017-18 season to the tune of $4,250,000 per.

7.            This player was drafted in the 5th round by the Penguins and played in his first NHL game           during the 2003–04 season. 

8.            This Pen was acquired in 2014 for a 3rd and a 5th round pick.

9.            This new member of the Penguins family  was with the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey     League in 1990.  

10.          This former member of the Atlanta Thrashers was undrafted. 

11.         This Penguin staff member developed the product, Core Stix, full-body resistance training           system that combines core, cardio and strength. 

12.          This Penguin is father to Estelle.

13.          This Pen has been on two Olympic teams but has not played a single game. 

14.          Which Penguin suffers from a congenital condition that has left him  hearing impaired? 

15.         After an investigation by the Canadian Hockey League, he was suspended by the Western            Hockey League for the duration of the 2012–13 WHL season. 

16.          He’s the shortest and heaviest of the 3 rostered goalies.
17.          He is the first Russian player to win the Conn Smythe Trophy. 

18.          He scored his first NHL points in 2013 against the Carolina Hurricanes.

19.          He is the oldest player on the current roster. 

20.          He has dual citizenship of both the United States and Canada. He was born on Valentine’s Day.   He was a first round draft pick. 

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