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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sidney Crosby: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Do Not by @MadChad412

Pittsburgh Penguin's superstar center Sidney Crosby  cannot win no matter what he does. On Tuesday night, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Crosby had been playing with an injured wrist during the postseason and that he is now set to have arthroscopic surgery on his wrist. It is reported that Crosby tried to heal his wrist via physical therapy, but that apparently did not work. 

Of course, given the daily overreaction on social media to any type of news, the reaction to the Crosby story did not disappoint in that aspect. As soon as the Crosby news was announced, a slew of hatred towards Crosby and the Penguins' organization came out. People calling Crosby a "pussy" and saying that he's "soft", and people even saying that Crosby and the Penguins are announcing this now as some sort of public relations spin.  

Maybe it's just me, but I don't truly understand how Crosby having a wrist injury makes him a bad captain. For whatever reason, Crosby's leadership skills are constantly being attacked by fans and even some sports writers, and with hardly any proof to back them.up. I have seen tons of tweets and even a few articles referencing that Crosby quit on his team and especially quit on his former head coach, Dan Bylsma. One person even went as far as to say that Crosby and the Penguins didn't reveal the injury until now so that Bylsma and former Penguins' general manager, Ray Shero, would take all the blame for the postseason meltdown. These people have no idea about the ins-and-outs of the injury disclosure in the NHL. I imagine these Crosby conspiracy theorists walk around with tin-foil hats on.

The narrative that Crosby isn't a good leader and that he is soft are extremely lazy and terribly incorrect. If you listen to and/or read quotes from some of his teammates, you will hear nothing but the exact opposite. Crosby played 80 out of 82 games during the regular season, as well as winning a gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics in February, and won the Hart and Art Ross trophy. Crosby then played in all 13 playoff games, which we now know he played with a bum wrist. Not once did Crosby say he was injured. Not once has Crosby used that as an excuse for his lack of production in the postseason. Yet, people are now criticizing the Penguins and him for announcing it now in July. I have a feeling these same people would have been calling him soft and criticizing him for using the injury as an excuse.

Stay with me on this logic here, but perhaps Crosby and the Penguins didn't want to disclose the injury during the postseason because they didn't want his wrists to be targeted. Especially considering how often he was already being targeted by opposing players....(See Marc Staal) Aside from that, had Crosby disclosed the injury and then had his wrist healed through therapy, people would have downplayed the injury, saying that it couldn't have been that bad if he didn't even need surgery. As far as Byslma and Shero goes, Crosby's injury really doesn't truly come into play, other than he probably plays better if he hadn't been playing injured. So maybe the Penguins end up advancing to the conference finals, it's not Crosby's fault he was injured, and I highly doubt that this is some big cover-up so spite Bylsma and Shero, although you can believe what you want.

The fact is, in today's world of 24/7 news and social media sites, you truly will never win. Especially if you are a polarizing figure like Crosby. No matter how Crosby dealt with this situation he was going to be criticized, and the criticism was going to be mostly unfair. To those that will suggest that Crosby should have just not have said anything, remember that he didn't. Crosby did not hold any dramatic presser to announce that he was indeed injured, this was handled by the Penguins and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported it. It is not like a guy like Crosby can have wrist surgery without anyone finding out. Had Crosby said he was injured during the playoffs people would have said that he was making excuses and not taking accountability. Crosby ended up playing through his injury, and now there are conspiracy theories and people calling him a bad leader. Crosby was damned if he did and damned if he didn't.

- Chad Nolan, follow me on Twitter


  1. Thank you,thank you,thankyou..personally I don't know how Sid deals with all this jealous hatred.I believe he doesn't read most of it,unless under an alias. Some of the vulgar, degrading comments are so classless and juvenile.I believe he could sue for character assassination on some of them.Maybe he should just once do that would send all the idiots packing. I actually saw when he checked his wrist coming back to the bench and said to my son that doesn't look good.A slash maybe from Dubinski.Also the refs turning a blind eye to all the illegal abuse seemed liked an agenda.It's time the league office made it a priority that they call whatever penalties they call against other players. This turning a blind eye lacks integrity for the game and is cowardly on the refs part. Let this happen on a regular basis to any other player in the league and see how they and the management of their team reacts.If it continues the Pens brass should go public,fine or not and embarrass the league. Time they took a stand for all that Crosby as done for the Pens and the league.He fills arenas,sells memorabilia etc.etc. that keeps people employed and money in the owners pockets.

  2. I am a long-time Penguins fan and I continue to support #87. Crosby deserves to be the Pen's Captain and I don't think anyone can honestly question his work ethic or his committment to the team or to his sport.


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