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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Someone Filmed Evgeni Malkin Getting a Lap Dance (NSFW)

Thanks to Deadspin, the world now knows what it would be like to watch Evgeni Malkin get a lap dance in public. We won't show you the clip here because of the nudity, but you can watch Malkin get the lap dance on Deadspin right here. The clip is about as awkward as you would have guessed, and at the end Malkin does the old "Booby flap" move on the stripper. 

Just really hoping that Malkin said "I am score" at one point. It shouldn't be a shock that players or any men for that matter, go to strip clubs, but it is always a shock to high profile people there. Knowing how hilarious Malkin is, I truly wish we could have had even more audio from this night. 

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