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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pierre McGuire for Pens GM

As the Penguins continue to move forward in the wake of firing Ray Shero, the task now falls to Dave Morehouse to assemble a list of candidates for the vacant GM position and find the best man for the job. WPXI Pittsburgh has come up with their own short list of candidates on tonight's news, which leads us to take a look into the candidacy of one Pierre McGuire:

Name: Regis Pierre McGuire

Age: 52

Current Position: Broadcaster, NBC Network

Championship Pedigree: Two Stanley Cup rings (1990-'91 - Pittsburgh; 1991-'92 - Pittsburgh)

NHL Playing Career: n/a

Coaching Career:

- Assistant Coach, Pittsburgh: 1991-'92
- Assistant Coach, Hartford: 1992-'93
- Head Coach, Hartford: 1993-'94 (23-37-7 record)
- Assistant Coach, Ottawa: 1995-'96
- Head Coach, Baton Rouge Kingfish (ECHL) - 1996-'97 (31-33-6 record)

NHL Executive Experience:

- Assistant GM, Hartford: 1993-'94


- "The phrase heard most often about McGuire, who holds his first head coaching job at any level, is that he's `way over his head'" -- Boston Sunday Globe

- "Look, we really underachieved last year. You saw what [McGuire] did to this club. With him, there were too many sideshows. It was a three-ring circus." -- Pat Verbeek

- "With one brush of his newly recovered powers Thursday, general manager Paul Holmgren did more to unify the Whalers than anybody in recent team history. Holmgren fired coach Pierre McGuire after six months. It was more than a great idea. It was justice. In 15 years of covering the NHL, we had never seen a coach so universally disrespected and disliked within his own organization." -- Hartford Courant

- "In a blistering post-mortem, captain Pat Verbeek called McGuire's firing the best thing that could have happened to the Whalers. He said other teams mocked their coach. He said his own teammates had no respect for McGuire. He said a number of players wouldn't have wanted to play in Hartford anymore." -- Hartford Courant

- "Once when he was an assistant coach, McGuire bragged about his strategy to shut down Mario Lemieux. This was after a 7-3 loss and four goals by Kevin Stevens. On the bench, players said McGuire would taunt the other team, saying he couldn't believe the opposing coach was allowing him certain line matchups."  -- Hartford Courant

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