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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mario - Save the Pens AGAIN! by @ExcitedBobErrey


We know you're pissed about what's happening. It's hard to hide your disdain from the owner's suite when this team badly under performs yet again when it matters the most. Hell, it's impossible for even the most passionate and die hard Pittsburgh Penguins fans to look at this team, how it's playing, and not get upset. The team has elite talent, yet it doesn't seem to care. The coach has a Stanley Cup, Jack Adams, and Olympic head coaching position on his resume, yet he often seemed in over his head. And the GM won General Manager of the Year last offseason, an award that felt a bit like salt in the wound then when his deadline moves flamed out and even more so this past season as the lack of organizational depth was palpable. This team stood at the crossroads of their future and their Stanley Cup past, and bold moves needed to be made to keep this team on the right track going forward. To your credit and Ron Burkle's, you both realized that. You were as fed up as we were. This team had been given too much slack for too long and it was time for the price to be paid. The GM and the head coach needed to go.

Only, that didn't happen. Well, not entirely at least. You fired Ray Shero at the press conference today, and you made it fairly obvious that Dan Bylsma would be following out the door, but you did not fire Dan Bylsma. Let me make that clear: you did NOT fire Dan Bylsma. Once making the tough decision, the response needed to be quick and swift so this team could begin building from the ruins of the past 5 postseasons towards a better future. Your response was akin to lethally injecting a mass serial killer but spending hours trying to find a vein. Now here comes the obvious problem with this decision: you let Dan Bylsma impact your search for a new GM. If firing Bylsma is a prerequisite for the job, you're basically already turning down the candidates who might be receptive to making things work with Bylsma behind the bench. Otherwise you're bringing a guy in and forcing his first major move onto him. Dave Morehouse made it a point at the press conference to address the allegations that Ray Shero had certain moves forced on him from the higher ups - do you really want to go down that road from the start?

What're the reasons for keeping Bylsma around as a lame duck? Are you really more worried about him going to a team like the Washington Capitals than Ray Shero? Because I absolutely am not. And if you're really that worried about him going to Washington, fire Bylsma and deny the Capitals permission to interview him. I know the organization's reputation is important to you and denying a well-liked and fired coach that opportunity would come off horribly, but do you really think this debacle today isn't damaging that reputation already? That reputation absolutely takes a hit today as it appears the higher ups are running things with little regard to the hockey operations but with full focus on marketability. That would be the reason behind making the new GM fire Bylsma, right? To make him look good in front of the fanbase. Too often over the past few years too much emphasis has been placed on making sure the looks good instead of making sure goal #1 is accomplished: Getting back to the Stanley Cup finals and getting everyone's name back on the Stanley Cup. It's hard to look bad as an organization when you can affix "Defending Stanley Cup Champions" to the team name.

Mario, though I wasn't alive to see it, you saved the Penguins in 1984 when they selected you with the first overall pick, breathing new life into a below average franchise, increasing the popularity of the sport across the region, and getting the team to a point where they're expected to have success. You saved the team in 1999 when you purchased the team out of bankruptcy, and I'll be damned if you didn't pay back every single cent the organization owed, even without being legally obligated to do so. You saved the team yet again when you were able to secure the financial backing for Consol Energy Center. You would have made a pretty good goalie if you weren't already a HOF-caliber and generational talent at forward. I ask you, please: save this team one more time. There are far too many competing factions in the organization with different agendas and goals. Set the tone from the top down - this team will be putting all their energy into winning another Stanley Cup, and they'll do that by doing things the right way.



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  1. It's nothing more than a money thing. Bylsma will NOT be the coach next year guaranteed. Bylsma is owed 4M over the next two years. Shero is a front runner for the GM position in Washington. Lemieux and co purposely let word out saying they didn't want Bylsma as their coach and he was to be fired (this will affect Bylsma). They are hoping Shero gets the GM position in Washington and takes Bylsma with him. Bylsma would then ask for a release from his contract as he feels he's not wanted in Pittsburgh anyway and he becomes the coach of the Washington Capitals as Shero has complete faith in him. Mario and co. now don't have to pay Bylsma the 4M he is owed over the next 2 years. It's nothing more then a simple ploy to get out of paying millions of dollars. Millionaires stay millionaires with these types of tactics. If this doesn't go through, the new GM fires Bylsma. Either which way, Bylsma wont be the coach next year. I would bet my life on it.


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