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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Joe Starkey Blames Sidney Crosby for Everything

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist Joe Starkey completely crushed Sidney Crosby in his Sunday column on the Trib. Starkey ousted Crosby as the single reason the Pittsburgh Penguins are not playing in the eastern conference finals right now. 

"Don't let that little front-office earthquake distract you from the primary reason the Penguins are not participating in the Eastern Conference final. The primary reason is Sidney Crosby, whose leadership never has been more in question" - Joe Starkey

Wow. While some of these is hard to argue, I personally found this article to be a full attack on Crosby, and an article that reeks of a writer seeking attention by writing an over-opinionated and sort of hateful column. That  is just my opinion. like I said, some of his arguments are fair, but some come off as kind of childish. 

Three things to take away from Starkey's article: 

1. He calls labels Crosby fans/supporters scophants. For people that don't know what that is, it  is basically a fluky or a suck-up. Now I know that these people exist, but every athlete has them. In fact, he makes it seem as if Crosby has these types of fans in Pittsburgh and Evgeni Malkin does not, which couldn't be further from the truth. Crosby gets a free pass a lot because he's the best player in the league. I haven't seen one person say try to give Crosby a pass for this postseason. In fact, I would venture to say that Crosby is currently facing the most criticism in his life right now and it is very deserving. Furthermore, Starkey's column adds fuel to the "Pro-Malkin/anti-Crosby people vs. anti-Malkin/pro-Crosby people" that fight every single day about who's better and other dumb stuff. Starkey's column divides the Penguins fanbase, and the Malkin/Crosby comparison really isn't needed in my opinion. 

"The captain also said, “I'd love to tear it up every series, but it does not always happen.”
Nobody's demanding that Crosby “tear it up every series.” How about just showing up as a leader of men?" - Starkey 

2. He calls Crosby a bad captain. This is a weird one. Starkey is not around the Penguins all of the time. He's not around 24/7 to see how Crosby acts as the captain of this team. Sure, there are some vague arguments that can be made, but for the most part I think if you dig you will hear nothing but good things about Crosby as a leader. He's never been the huge motivational speaker kind of guy, and I don't think anyone thinks that Crosby has to be in order to be a good captain. I will argue that this team has some character issues. We have heard about the country club atmosphere and we have heard stories about some of the egos that are in there. Two guys that were able to combat that were Gary Roberts and Bill Guerin. Perhaps the Pens need to find the closest players to them in the NHL currently going into next season. 

Lastly, blaming Crosby for the Penguins not reaching the finals is laughable. One guy, that plays roughly just over a third of a hockey game cannot be the soul reason your team isn't moving forward. Did Crosby underperform? Yes. Does Crosby deserve criticism? Yes. Go ahead and blame Crosby for everything that went wrong for the Pens  if that's what helps your narrative, but Crosby was far from the only player to underachieve for the Penguins this postseason, and that is a fact. The article doesn't just rip Crosby's play, it assassinates his character and is written as if Starkey is a jealous 8th grade girl. Perhaps the most unprofessional piece of literature the Trib has ever posted. Especially suggesting that Crosby quit on his team and coach. 

Still, really interesting read by Starkey that will get the fanbase going again when they wake up Sunday morning. Make sure you  read the entire thing here 


  1. Sure, Toews' performance didn't prevent them from reaching the cup finals. But Toews and Kane aren't taking up the same kind of cap space either. When you pay someone enough that they need to produce or you'll have to hope Tanner Glass contributes, you're cooked.

  2. Starkey was spot on as far as I'm concerned. Just a little more production from Sid and the Pens would be in the ECFs.


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