Lucic Spears a Guy in the Balls, Quenneville Grabs His Balls, And Datsyuk Scores Amazing Goal

Folks, the NHl playoffs have only been going on for three nights, and they have already been amazing. So far, six of the first nine games of the playoffs have been decided by one goal. The games have been super exciting and competitive so far. If this is any indication of how the rest of the playoffs are going to be, hockey fans across the world are in for a treat.

As good as the games have been, these next three gifs that we are going to show you are that much better. Let's start with last night, when Chicago Blackhawks became a internet sensation by grabbing his family jewels during a tirade against the refs. John Tortorella called, he said that he's impressed. 

This brings us to Friday night, where most Pens' fans were rooting for the Detroit Red Wings over the Boston Bruins. That is weird. We also hate the Bruins, and if they lose in the first round, or just before the conference finals, that's good news for the Pens. During the game, Bruins' forward Milan Lucic speared Red Wings' defenseman Danny DeKeyser in the balls. I can't wait to see what the Bruins' media and their fans have to say about this. Imagine if that had been James Neal or Matt Cooke.

By the way, this isn't even the first time Lucic has speared someone in that area this season. I think it's time for a suspension.

Gif via the great @MyRegularface

The Red Wings got the last laugh though, winning the game thanks to one of the prettiest goals all season, scored by Pavel Datsyuk.

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