Daniel Carcillo Scores Against The Flyers, Trolls All of Philadelphia

Nothing says NHL playoffs quite like the Philadelphia Flyers losing. The New York Rangers defeated the Flyers in game three Tuesday night and now lead the series 2-1. In perhaps the biggest troll move of the playoffs Daniel Carcillo, ex-Flyer, scored the Ranger's fourth goal of the game and proceeded to taunt the Flyers' entire fan-base in Philly. Hilarity ensured as some guy in a Claude Giroux jersey was super butthurt and flipped Carcillo the double-bird. Never change Philadelphia, never change. Put a smile on your face as you go to sleep tonight Pens' fans.

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  1. Flyers better start checking! Show them some hard hitting.

  2. nothing says nhl playoffs quite like fleury's brain turning to mush. LGR

  3. Nothing says Peter like your mom's mouth

  4. Nothing says Flyers suck dick like the whole team going down in the playoffs - FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKING COCK SUCKERS! LGR

  5. Nothing says playoffs like the PENS being tied to a wild-card team. #Crysby

  6. Doesn't matter what team Carcillo plays for.....he will always be a douche, just like Crosby will always be a pussy!