Claude Giroux Thinks The Flyers Get Two Points For Winning A Playoff Game

Pens' fans we know your spirits are down after Saturday's double overtime loss to Columbus, but this might put a smile on your face. Even though the Philadelphia Flyers won their game on Sunday, Claude Giroux still ended up failing in his post-game interviewing, saying that the Flyers got two points for their win over the New York Rangers. Claude, we know it's been a while since you've won a playoff game, but you don't get points for winning them.
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  1. It's laughable how Penguins fans are such sore losers you need to go make fun of a player on a team that your not even facing right now. Guess you're just following your captain's lead, right? Pathetic.

  2. And ther Flyers/fans would never think of doing such a thing..shut up and take a ball bustin yo..typical Philly

  3. Better question - why does a Flyers fan even care enough to read this blog...must have some kinda Pens obsession !

  4. You do realize its on a flyers page on yardbarker don't you?

  5. Is this what the Pittsburgh media does when it has nothing good to say about it's teams performances in the playoffs?