Penguins Hang James Neal Out to Dry by @ChicksDigHockey

From time to time NHL teams will loosen their belt and allow fans brief access to a player on social media. Yesterday, the Penguins featured such an event with #AskNeal People were invited to submit questions on Twitter for Neal to then answer during a predetermined period of time.

Who thought this was a good idea? Neal has had some recent calls for what are considered ‘dirty’ hits such as the knee to Marchand’s head. Why hang him out to dry by featuring him when there is daily animosity expressed against him for his seemingly careless penalties of late? If the public relations person wanted to humiliate him then, mission accomplished.

Crossing Broad, a popular Flyer’s blog had a field day with #AskNeal. Take a look:

The Pen’s PR department guards access to the players with piranha laden moat. This blog was doing a piece on Paul Martin with full cooperation of the national charity, Defending the Blue Line and simply asked for a quote from him. We didn’t want direct access but thought he may want to express what the charity meant to him. He was not given the chance to refuse; it was refused on his behalf. It is well know in the blogging community that the Pens’ PR department holds the reigns very tight. Yet, they may as well have passed out rotten tomatoes to be thrown at Neal.

I fully understand not giving every Yinzer with a blog access to Pittsburgh’s top athletes but don’t expose them to every Philly fan with a grudge to settle either. Have some insight, show some discretion.
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  1. hopefully this gave James Neal a dose of reality, and he will stop playing like a douche

  2. Thank you! I thought I was the only one who thought this was strange timing. Ok, so Neal has made some questionable decisions of late, but I think this whoever came up with this idea was just as guilty of questionable decisions. I mean, come on. You didn't think our fine friends from the other side of the state would ruin this? There's a rather large difference between expressing an opinion on sports matters and making over-the-top, raunchy, and personal comments about someone. Some people don't seem to know the difference.

  3. Why did they get rid of Cook? Cook was at least a tough hard nose checker and hitter with a ton of energy on ice.

  4. Why did they get rid of Cook? At least he played his heart out and had a ton of energy on ice.

  5. First of all, he IS a dirty player. Sorry, I'm a pens fan and it's pretty clear the guy likes to take cheap shots here and there. Second, when people are celebrities, there is no difference between opinion and being over the're in the spotlight, you're a millionaire, and most importantly people pay to see it so they can say whatever the hell they want.

  6. Did you really say "'dirty'" in quotes here? You gotta be a flaming asshole to think that his knee on Marchand wasn't intentional.