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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Apparently the Canucks Wanted Olli Maatta In the Ryan Kesler Deal....

The title says it all. Appreanlty, Vancouver Canucks' general manger Mike Gillis wanted Olli Maatta to be a part of the trade that would have sent forward Ryan Kesler to Pittsburgh. This report comes from Michael Augello, who is a columnist for Augello quotes Nick Kypreos, who is an NHL reporter for

Safe to say, this deal would have been the worst of Ray Shero's tenure as Penguins' general manager had he involved the rookie defenseman in any deal. Off hand, I'm not sure what player I would want in return for Maatta, but it would have to send someone that is top-5 in their position to Pittsburgh in return. Ryan Kesler is a Hell of a player, but he's not good enough to even consider trading a guy like Maatta for. As of right now, with the state of Kris Letang's health, Maatta has to be considered the future cornerstone of the Penguins' blue-line.

A few things to consider:

1. If these reports are true, based on what we've seen, it wouldn't be out of the question that the Pens probably offered top-defensive prospect Derrick Pouliot. If that is true, does Shero come back to that trade offer this summer after he finds out more information about Kris Letang's health?

2. What is Mike Gillis smoking? Seriously.... He really reached for the stars here. Perhaps this is some sort of after-affect from Shero getting over on so many other general mangers in the past. Who knows? I can't say I blame Gillis, why not ask for the best possible trade possible, but still to even think that he had a realistic shot at Maatta is kind of stupid in my opinion.

3. The Pens still have a ton of really good prospects on defense. They traded some draft picks, none of which were first-rounders, and held on to all of their top prospects including Pouliot, Scott Harrington, Simon Despres, and Brian Dumoulin. The Pens were able to acquire two veteran forwards for depth, but both Macel Goc, and Lee Stempniak are unrestricted free-agents after this year. This gives Shero all of his top assets to work with for trades this offseason and during next year's trade deadline.

4. Was Tom Ford providing crack in the Canucks' war room?

5. The Kesler deal seemed so close to a sure thing all week long. This rumor makes sense if you consider that. Shero had no problem including either Despres or Dumoulin and whatever draft picks Gillis would want. Shero probably would have even included Pouliot, but in no way would he have ever made a deal for Kesler including Maatta.

In the end, Gillis made Shero look like a genius even though they didn't even make a trade with each other.

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