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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brian Gibbons With the Speed to Succeed by @ChicksDigHockey

Brian Gibbons is listed in his profile as being a  5’ 8” right winger. (I think that’s with his skates on) He’s a compact fireplug who has some impressive wheels. 

He signed a 2 yr contract with the Penguins in April of 2011 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Boston College in May of 2011. He played four seasons of NCAA Division 1 hockey with Boston College before joining the WBS Penguins.

Gibbons was among the call-ups during the height of injury season in November and December. Unlike some he has remained with the team. He has been compared to Penguin legend Marty Straka not only for similarity in build but speed.  His presence on the ice is far greater than his size would suggest. Yet, he plays an almost emotionless game. He’s scrappy along the boards and aggressive with the forecheck. 

Many scratched their heads when Gibbons took his place on the top line with Crosby and Kunitz in January. How long he’ll hold that position is anyone’s guess. Bylsma seems to have a soft spot in his heart for short forwards who work hard and skate fast. Since Chris Connor is still on IR that affection seems to have fallen to Gibbons. One could imagine that once Bennett is healthy he’ll join 87 and 14 but we’ve all learned not to second guess Coach Bylsma’s line combos. 

Have I mentioned Brian Gibbons is fast? Must be that low center of gravity that allows him to careen down the ice. 

Gibbons was named to AHL All-Star Team for 2013-14 but his focus is on staying in the NHL. He recently told Josh Yohe of the Trib, “I've seen guys that I played with at Wilkes-Barre and in college that have had success at the NHL level. I think seeing that made me believe I could be successful at this level.” 

For all of regulation time against the Senators (2/3/14), Gibbons had scored the only goal for the Pens. It was made possible by Gibbons coming up the ice with speed and getting in position. It's was his 3rd goal of the year. I'd say he's enjoying NHL success.

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