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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Penguins Need to Deal Despres by @ChicksDigHockey

It isn’t Pascal Dupuis' fault he got hurt.

 It isn’t disloyal to him to say the Pens need to fill the gap left by his absence.

The controversy begins when Pens’ fans discuss how to go about shoring up the Pens’ needs on the front end as well as fortifying the back end. We’ve already seen that rentals aren’t the solution.

 Here’s how I view rental players: They are a lot like guys who are in a bad marriage and just want out (Brendan Morrow and Jarome Iginla). They go after the first good looking thing they see that they think they’re gonna have fun with (Penguins). Not much is invested in the relationship except time, sweat and a few dinners out (Draft picks). That relationship, while flashy and fun only serves to help them sever ties with that long term commitment that went stale. It becomes a rebound relationship, if you will. After they’ve had their fun and tried some new things; they’re on to the next. 

The Pens need to make a real move: a real trade. Real trades cost your team a real commodity not a draft pick. You have to give up something to get something in a real trade. The Pens have a hearty crop of defensemen and that seems like a good place to deal from. If you want a scoring winger, you have to give up someone of value, or future value. The Pens can afford to deal someone from the blue line.

I believe the Pens should deal Simon Despres.

Despres is a good defenseman and will be an even better defenseman. Unfortunately, there isn’t a place for him in the top 6 once Paul Martin is back.

He may have actually been his own worst enemy. He showed up at camp this season slow and out of shape. His defensive game was disappointing and he was sent to Wilks-Barre to get his stuff together. When he did the skate of shame down to the AHL, he left the door open for Olli Maatta who made it hard for the Pens not to keep him. Now that Deryk Engelland has made himself more valuable by also playing forward, Despres is, at best the 8th defenseman....maybe 9th behind Bortuzzo. 

In short, he is an expendable commodity. 

Despres has, to date, played 18 games with an average of 17:20 TOI. He was a healthy scratch in the past two games. He has no goals, 4 assists and is a -3 on the season. His future is bright but the spring is long and the Pens need a scoring forward for the playoffs more than a defenseman in the press box. 

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