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Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Awesome Stats About the Pens

It's gameday for the Pittsburgh Penguins as they take on the Edmonton Oilers at 10pm tonight. In a slow news day we decided to put together some awesome stats.

The Pens lead the NHL in man-games missed (total of all individual games missed by team's players) yet they still have a 7-point lead heading into tonight.

James Neal has been on fire. Neal has moved into second place in the NHL in terms of points-per-game and has scored a goal in 15 of his last nineteen games played. Neal, who has missed 20 games this year, is still on pace to score 40 goals.

Joining Neal, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin all make up three of the top four points-per-game leaders in the NHL.

Crosby is on pace for 118 points this season, which would be his second highest total of his career. He leads the league in points-per-game and is on pace to beat his career-high of six game-winning goals this season. Crosby has four game-winning goals this season.

Also, The Pittsburgh Penguins are 1-7 this year in the 8 games that Sidney Crosby failed to register a point in. 31-5-1 in the games he did. Something to think about. Jesse Marshall, of Faceoff-Factor also pointed out that Crosby has been on the ice for 65 of the Pens' 93 even strength goals. Unreal.

My favorite stat of Crosby is if you took all of 24 goals scored this year away, he would still have more points than Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers. Yikes. In case you were wondering, Giroux has given the baton back to Crosby as the best player in the world.

Here's another crazy stat from one of Sidney Crosby's peers. Alexander Ovechkin has even-strength assists this season. Two. Just two damn even strength assists. I don't even think Crosby could do that if he tried to on purpose. Ovechkin also has the worst +/- out of any of the top-20 scoring leaders. Doesn't pass, doesn't play defense, yet somehow has three MVPs.

How about some love for Matt Niskanen? Niskanen leads all NHL defensemen with 4 game-winning goals this season.He has 5 goals in total. That's what I call clutch.

Lastly, Marc-Andre Fleury leads the league in wins with 25. He's on pace for 50. Martin Brodeur holds the record with 48 wins in one season.

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