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Saturday, January 18, 2014

#Penguins Fights #15-20 Recaps by @evil_shero

Dec 16, 2013 1pd 15:06
2013-2014 Regular Season

This fight transpired when Bodie rubbed Borts out on the corner and finishes with a forearm shiver on his head. Bortuzzo chases him to the slot and tosses the mitts. 

Bobby Bo hits Bodie with a large right to start the bout maybe before Bodie knew what was going on. Bodie returns with a big bomb that connects. 

Bortuzzo, being 6'4", is used to holding the collar of the sweater and using his long arms to keep people away from him. He is also very strong and has great balance for a larger player, so his preferred technique is so keep the opponent at a distance with his long arms and he will pull the other player towards him while he punches. In this case, fighting Bodie who is 6'5" they were literally toe-to-toe and both men had to stand and throw bricks.

After the initial two punches there was a bad sequence of missed punches, but Bortuzzo was fired up from the hit he came with an absolute fury of body shots, hooks, and uppercuts. Bortuzzo went to reload and got caught with a solid shot to the head but he continued to fire punch after punch at Bodie. 

The fight ends with an impressive takedown by Bortuzzo. Bodie definitely had quality over quantity in this bout but Bortuzzo's strength and tenacity was showcased in this fight for sure. 

Winner Bortuzzo (3-0)

Dec 16, 2013 2pd 10:45
2013-2014 Regular Season

This was borne from Sill laying a large hit on O'Reilly under the watchful eye of Bodie. Bodie, who earlier survived a Bortuzzo scrap, challenges Sill and Zach happily obliges. 

Zach isn't the biggest or most fierce fighter in the NHL/AHL but he is a smart fighter much like teammate Deryk Engelland. He rarely tosses the mitts and fired off wild punches hoping for a KO in the first 5 seconds. Sill will often let the other man tire himself out and counter with his left hand and when the opportunity presents itself he will switch hands and finish the fight with his right. I am finding with his early NHL career its fooling alot of opponents not familiar with his "Princess Bride Strategy" are being caught off-guard. 

This fight went exactly how Sill wanted it to. He hung back with the grip he wanted on Bodie. He held off the first wave of Bodie-Bombs (tm) just waiting for his chance. It definitely didn't look well for Sill being out-sized but he knew what he was doing. 

Zach leaned back and let Bodie punch at him for a few mins and when surprised by Bodie's strength he switched hands and caught Troy with a nice right wobbling him winning the match.

Sill may be one of my new favorite fighters in the Penguin's system. He takes this bout easy. 

Winner: Zach Sill (2-0)

Dec 19, 2013 1pd 02:19
2013-2014 Regular Season

This was a bout as a result of a tie-up along the benches. Both men pinched each other out on the benches during play and simply neither one of them wanted to give up struggling with each other. 

Adsy is a tough human but has lost a significant portion of his fierceness over the years almost treating a fight like yardwork. Konopka is a perennial tough guy journeyman whose toughness is well known around the league.  

Both combatants were desperately trying to struggle for the right hold as both men wrestled each other for position. A few punches were thrown and connected but nothing substantial. I think if either opponent would have gotten the tie-up they wanted it would have been a much more exciting scrap. 

Nothing special and if I had to pick a winner ... wait I don't HAVE to pick a winner. Equal punches, no advantage, no take down, this is a draw. 

Draw: Craig Adams (0-1-1)

Dec 19, 2013 1pd 04:19
2013-2014 Regular Season

A nice big clean hit by Ballard earned the wrath of the man they call Kobasew. I've mentioned in previous post that fights after a clean hit are something I don't like seeing but it happens and it probably will never change. 

Ballard uses a unique technique (say that three times fast) to where he gets in very close and will grab the back of the sweater or even the fight strap. He will pull away, take a shot, and stay in close. When Ballard gets his hooks in its very hard to pull away, and that's what Kobasew found out. 

Ballard throws some helmet shots as Kobasew struggles to find position. This was most of the bout to where Ballard rabbit punches and Kobasew struggled to get free. I'm wondering now what Kobasew actually does for this team ...

Winner: Ballard
Kobasew (0-1)

Dec 19, 2013 2pd 10:18
2013-2014 Regular Season

There are hip-checks and there is what Ballard did to Neal, I think they call it submarining.  Neal was understandably upset and wanted to take justice into his own hands by challenging Ballard to his second battle of the night. 

I'm unsure if Ballard expected Neal to toss the gloves and fight. Neal in his earlier career used to fight on occasion but now his role with the Penguins clearly does not include busting his knuckles off some jabroni's skull. 

Neal gets the early edge with a few jabs before Ballard comes in close and holds Nealer close to control the pace of the battle. They sweat for position but they stayed dead locked. Neal tossed Ballard to the ice after a long struggle and threw a right that may have colored Ballard's face. 

Not too impressive but there was a winner. 

Winner: James Neal (1-0)

Jan 11, 2014 1pd 04:41
2013-2014 Regular Season

This was a premeditated scrap with both men chirping before the faceoff. They tossed the gloves and Engo went for his collar tie-up and before he secured the right arm of McGrattan, he got faded on a deceivingly powerful jab right on the jaw earning Engo his first loss of the season. 

I always get excited when Engo fights since he is such a smart warrior. He adapts his style for his opponent and has educated fists while he defends the skating penguin on the crest of his sweater. I know McGrattan is a renowned tough guy with hockeyfights.com giving him a 9-0 record on the season taking on some of the toughtest men in the NHL. Maybe Engelland didn't take into account that the Flames lost 5 in a row and hasn't scored in almost 3 games and that kind of frustration equals on quick KO punch. 

Winner: McGrattan
Engelland (2-1-1)

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