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The trade deadline is, for many (myself included), the most-anticipated day of the hockey year.

If your favorite team is a seller that year, anxiety fills the entirety of your hockey soul and you pray to your hockey gods that your favorite player doesn't get sent packing.

But, if your team happens to be a buyer, that's when the anticipation is a little more like Christmas morning.

In reality, we're just fans so it's easy to say that. We aren't the ones whose job is on the line with every trade offer or counter-offer. For we, the fan, the only time we're on the phone, we're checking the status of the latest rumors and transactions.

At Pens Initiative, we want to give you the chance to play the part of an NHL GM, more sepcifically Pens GM Ray Shero. We're giving you the power to offer up a trade. Simply fill out the form below, telling us your offer. Then, one of the fine writers at PensInitiative.com will break down that trade offer by playing the part of the other team's GM.

Update: Try not to include draft picks outside of the upcoming year. Predicting how next season will go is insanely difficult. Keep 'em coming though!

Clearly, each offer will take time to analyze, so we may not get to all of them, but if your offer is interesting - and, more importantly, realistic - we will do our absolute best to completely break down your offer and give our opinions on whether or not that would be a feasible option for both teams.

As always, your information will remain completely confidential. We will give you full credit for your submission and only refer to you by first name in our responses unless otherwise requested in your submission. You, the reader, are part of our community and you, and your privacy, will always be respected as such.

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