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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Alexander Ovechkin Ranks Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Himself.

It's rivalry night in the NHL, as NBC will remind you of this many more times tonight. The Pittsburgh Penguins, who seem to be rivals with just about every team in the NHL, take on a true rival (In our opinion) the Washington Capitals. Of course this means an entire night talking about Sidney Crosby vs Alexander Ovechkin. 

Now, the majority of hockey fans seem to understand that Crosby is the better player and Ovechkin agrees. Earlier today Ovechkin was quoted saying that he ranks Crosby and Evgeni Malkin as the top-two best players in the NHL. When asked where he ranks, Ovechkin said 15. 

What a great quote

We agree with Ovechkin. Sure Ovechkin has more individual hardware, but Crosby has better points-per-game averages in the playoffs and the regular season. Crosby is the better player overall, as he makes everyone on the ice better, and actually attempts to play solid two-way hockey. 

Unlike Ovechkin who often does stuff like this. 

And just take a look at the differences in stats between Crosby and Ovechkin this season. 

Crosby is a + 12, and has 44 even strength points. 

                                   Ovechkin has just 3 even strength assists, and is a -14. Yikes.

Ovechkin is the best pure goal scorer in the league, and is amazingly dangerous on the power-play, but he's not wrong when he ranks himself 15th. Crosby, Malkin, are definitely better and more complete players. Ovechkin can probably move back in the discussion whenever he decides to actually try on defense and learn to set-up his teammates for goals.

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