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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Penguins Fights #10-14 Recaps by @evil_shero

Tanner Glass vs Derek Dorsett 
Nov 6, 2013 3pd 19:15 
2013-2014 Regular Season

I guess you can call this a fight? Derek Dorsett is a fighter but I have no idea what this really was. The scrum ensued after battling for space in the slot. Both men took very little prodding to engage eachother. I'm not sure if Dorsett didn't like the grip he had on Glass but he clearly stayed close to avoid some punches and both men fell to the ice. Glass did land 2 or 3 courtesy punches making him the "winner" of this fight. When you are up or down by 4 goals there really isn't anything to prove.

Winner: Tanner Glass 2-1

Deryk Engelland vs Ryan "not Ryback" Reaves
Nov 9, 2013 1pd 00:03
2013-2014 Regular Season

Reeves is a 230 lb. dump truck for the St. Louis Blues and both Engo and him wanted to go right off the whistle. No idea why both coaches put their heavies on the opening face-off but this was bound to happen. 

Right off the bat Engelland goes for the collar tie up (which he prefers) and misses. Reaves unloads some heavy shots on Engo including a big uppercut and two rights to the ear. Engo realizes he isn't going to get the grip he wants and takes a few risky rights that barely connect. Engo pulls in close to hopefully end the fight knowing he is now at a disadvantage. Reaves pushes him away to keep the scrap going. Both men exchange wild rights connecting with a few then convene together again to end the scrap. 

Engo was at an early disadvantage right off the start missing his tie up and position he's used to and when you fight a tank like Reeves if you don't handle yourself the way you are used to you are doomed to fail. Overall, good scrap no one was injured and both men skate away tougher humans. 

Winner: Ryan Reaves (Engelland 2-1)

Eric Nystrom vs Tanner Glass
Nov 15, 2013 2pd 19:42
2013-2014 Regular Season

This fight was a result of a huge (clean) hit from Glass on Nystrom. Being down 4-1 Nystrom took the opportunity to give his team and spark and challenge Glass. I HATE fights after clean hits but it's better to challenge and accept a fight than to jump someone unwillingly. 

After slipping Glass gets the collar tie up he prefers (much like Engelland). Glass lands the first shot and then receives two sizable rights himself. Glass comes back with a huge right that has felled less capable opponents easily. You can tell Nystrom had his bell rung and left himself open to two more huge rights from Glass dislodging his helmet. The final rabbit punch from Glass ended his fight for Nystrom (mercifully) as Nystrom had cobwebs and a crimson mask. I will take note that Glass did everything he could to not let Nystrom hit the ice hard and didn't throw any punches after the fight was over. 

Glass won this decisively with the KO.  

Winner: Tanner Glass 2-1

Deryk Engelland vs Milan Lucic
Dec 7, 2013 1pd 07:19
2013-2014 Regular Season

Engelland steps up on Lucic entering into the zone in an already very chippy game. It didn't take much for emotions to spill over to start this scrap. Lucic earned his roster spot with his fists and kept it with his body. Early in Lucic's career his fights were brutal and fast with him utilizing both hands in a fight to catch his opponent off guard. That was then, this is now. 

Lucic throws a few sloppy punches right off the bat. Engo and Lucic land maybe one solid punch then Lucic holds on for dear life, clearly gassed, and waiting for the linesmen to step in. This had the makings of a nice bout but Lucic knows that a broken hand isnt going to earn him his 6 million a year. 

Winner: Draw (Engelland 2-0-1)

Corey Tropp vs Zach Sill
Dec 9, 2013 3pd 03:01
2013-2014 Regular Season

This fight starts when Tropp delivers a nice clean hit on Niskanen and Sill challenged Tropp to get his first NHL fight under his belt. Tropp was clearly out of his league in this fight here as he was holding on for dear life trying to pull Sill to the ice to end the fight. 

Sill is an interesting fighter watching his WBS Penguins scraps. He will start a fight with his right hand for a few and finish the fight with his left. This was, again, the case in this tilt. When Sill got his right hand neutralized by Tropp he went to his left and hit him with 3 sharp punches then switched back to his right to end the bout. 

Winner: Zach Sill (1-0)

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