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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Penguins Fights 2013-14 #9 Niskanen vs. Comeau by @evil_shero

Nov 1, 2013 2pd 20:00

This all transpires from a tie up after a faceoff and Comeau just wouldn't let up. It was obvious Niskanen didn't want any part of it but Comeau tossed his gloves and popped him one good. 

Nisky used the rare and ineffective Flailing Crane style on Comeau trying to use ferocity over accuracy.  Both men spun wildly and maybe landing a punch or two then tumbling to the ground. At first glance you would maybe give a larger advantage to Comeau than it actually was but it was clearly a case of over-zealous unskilled fighters falling on eachother. 

I don't want to pick a winner in this but if I had to I'd pick Blake Comeau. 

Matt Niskanen 0-1

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