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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Penguins @ Devils Recap by @ryannoble66

Last night in New Jersey Marty Brodeur and the Devils defeated the Penguins by a score of 4-1. Marty B looked incredible. You might not have noticed that he is the Devils back up goalie. At times I wished that they had Corey Schneider in net instead but clearly that might not have solved the problem. Loses are never easy, especially when they come from this fan base.. Okay, that is a stretch but I needed to find a way to slip this in..

  First Period

Don't be shocked when you read this, I know it will be shocking (looks for sarcastic font) byt the Penguins for the most part dominated the majority of the first period, I know it sounds CRAZY! We out shot the Devils 10-3 and outside a tripping call to James Neal we managed to stay out of the box.

The Devils would be able to get on the score board first with 19 seconds left in the period when Andy Greene took a wrist shot that trickled through Fleury to put the Devils up 1-0.

Yes, that was Letang that was weak on the puck...

Second Period

The Penguins did not wait long into the second period to tie the game up when Chris Kunitz would rush put his breakaway attempt past Marty B who failed on the poke check. It was Kunitz's 9th goal on the season. 

 The rest of the period was goalless.  The devils managed to get the majority of the chances and goals in this period out shooting the Penguins 10-6. The period ended 2-1 for THE DEVILSSS.... (puddy voice)
Oh, Flower did do this.

Third Period

Much like the first period, the Penguins saw more chances and got more pucks on Marty B but that was not enough. They managed to outshoot the Devils 12-9 but it was the Devils who managed to keep putting pucks in the net. 14:06 in the period when PENS FAVORITE JAROMIR JAGR (#FanExplosion) scored to put the Devils up 3-1. (I wont add a GIF to avoid angry E-Mails about how much Jagr sucks...)

at 18:43 the Devils would put the final nail in the coffin when Jagr would put in his second of the night into an empty net to make it 4-1. And that would be the final goal of the game. 

The Penguins again found a way to get the majority of the chances and shots on net in this game and again could not capitalize. We can keep blaming hot goalies until we go blue in the face but eventually we gotta look into what else is responsible for our loosing so much. I know it is fun to blame hot back up goalies, and it is SUPER FUN to blame Kris Letang, but we are not scoring goals. One goal a game is obviously not enough when we are letting in at least one weak goal a game. We need our big guys to step up. I know, Kris Letang sucks (sighs) but Geno hasn't scored in what, almost forever? This is not just one persons fault or one goalie out playing us. This is us as a team not scoring goals even though we are getting chances. Is it bad luck? Who knows. Definitely not Dan Bylsma....

Our next game is Monday against the Anaheim Ducks at 7:30 in Pittsburgh.



  • The Penguins were 0 for 4 on the power play.
  • We had the edge in faceoffs winning of 45. (Crosby was %77 on faceoffs)
  • We had 8 blocked shots (3 by Letang)
  • We managed to only give the puck away 5 times. Not good but not our worst effort. And only 1 was Letangs fault. 
  • Jagr was responsible for %68 of Pens fan explosions last night. Letang had the rest... 

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