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Friday, November 29, 2013

Getting to Know the New Guys on the Penguin's Bench by @ChicksDigHockey

The injuries to the Pens are downright depressing. However, as true fans, we owe it to the team to stand beside them thru thick and thin….right?

We also need to support the AHL guys who are called up. One way to do that is to learn their numbers….and names. I think I’ve found a way to help you do that. It’s called PENGO (sort of BINGO but for the hockey crowd)

We’re giving you a PENGO card. Anytime a Penguin player scores a goal, gets an assist, or goes to the sin bin, put an X thru his number. I know what you’re saying…”What about Geno?” He’ll likely score a goal, get an assist and go to the sin bin all in the same period. You only get to X out a number once….the sin bin is a free space to make up for Malkin. We have also added an additional free space. That way, if Chris Kunitz scores you’ll still get points when the goal is called back. …you’re welcomed!

Here’s a few notes to help you learn who the call-ups are:

#47 is Simon Despres. You might remember him from all the articles you read over the summer touting him as the next defensive superstar. He showed up at training camp slow,  out of shape and over rated. He was banished to WBS to lose some weight, gain some speed and live up to his potential. It took 2 broken bones to get him back to the NHL but he’s back.

#41 is Robert Bortuzzo. He had to stop using the GPS in his car after he made so many trips to WBS that the programed voice started to mock him. Poor Bortuzzo, he’s become so disrespected that his Wikipedia page hasn’t even been updated since his 2011 concussion. 

# 23 is Chris Conner….again. The 5’8” forward is a favorite of Coach Bylsma. His small stature lets him take turns like Apolo Ohno but his turn overs will have you shouting “OH, NO!”

#38 is Zach Sill. He is listed as Canadian but was born in the United Kingdom and educated at the University of Maine. He won’t last long, you may not want to spend too much time learning his number.

#25 is Andrew Ebbett. He’s Canadian by birth but educated in the states. Ebbett has been with 6 NHL teams in the last 3 yrs. That means he’s been with almost as many NHL forwards as a Philadelphia Flyers Icegirl

#59 is Jayson Megna. He also could drive to WBS with his eyes closed. I don’t know why the Pens don’t just keep him up…after all, he has the coolest nick names. 

Now you're up to date on the new guys on the Penguin's bench. Grab a beer and a Samich and enjoy the game. 

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