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Friday, October 18, 2013

Penguins @ Flyers Recap by @ryannoble66 w/ @Evil_Shero Fight Recap

Penguins WIN 4-1

Last night was the first game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and rival Philadelphia Flyers this season. The Pennsylvanian rivals faced of in their game at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. As soon as the Penguins hit the ice a familiar sound echoed through the arena. No, not "Lets Go Flyers" because the Philly faithful have more realistic goals than hoping their last place team steals a win against a top team in the league. They just think "Crosby Sucks". They obviously follow the sport!

Speaking of sucking, one of the top stories going into this game was Penguins that defenseman Deryk Engelland was going to move up from a position he has clearly "mastered" to the Right Wing on the 4th line. Head Coach Dan Bylsma said that this season there has been 3 practices where Engo played the position. That should be enough for him to be ready to take on this role, right? Probably wrong.. Engelland finished the game with 7:23 of time (which is almost 3 minutes less than his line mates), 1 shot on net, 2 hits and possibly an audition for CBC's "Battle of the Blades" Lets be honest, he wouldn't do well on that show and he didn't do well on the wing. Maybe next game we can see how well he plays in the press box?  Lets hope that the "Engo Expirement" is over..

Engelland for 4 of his 7 minutes of ice time.

Now that we got that out of my system, LETS TALK ABOUT THE HOCKEY THAT HAPPENED! What is always expected to be a blood bath ended up being a pretty normal hockey game. Though we could break it down easily to "Pittsburgh GOOD, Philly AWFUL" we will attempt to give you a little more. The First Period was scoreless. The Flyers failed at their attempt at playing a more disciplined game unless the goal was to be more disciplined in comparison to other games vs the Penguins. If that was the case, they weren't terrible! They were out shot 12-8 by the Penguins.

The second period was a different story. Not as far as the Flyers game plan went, the were out shot 17-5, but there were goals scored. Almost at the halfway point, Jussi Jokinen scored his 4th goal of the season assisted by Malkin (his 5th of the season). Not even 4 minutes later and Kunitz scored his 3rd of the season with assists by Dupuis and Niskanen. The Penguins almost held them of the score board untin 2 seconds left in the period when Wayne Simmonds deflected an attempt by Claude Giroux on the Powerplay. You would think the game was tied and that Giroux took the "Best in the World" status back from Sid. I guess he looked at the clock before the goal. This makes him "the master of working the clock"? I suppose when your team is that bad you need to make up anything to feel like you are not the worst in the NHL. (Even if you are)

The Third period was a little more troublesome for the Penguins. They were out shot 12 - 6 and took a couple bad penalties but that was not enough to help the Flyers build any momentum as far as goal production. Though the puck was in Pittsburgh's end the majority of the period, they could not get the puck past Fleury who looked incredible. As time started to run out it looked like Crosby's point streak was in jeopardy until 17:28 into the period he tipped in a shot by Dupuis. He didn't end his night there. He got an assist on an empty net goal by Malkin (3rd of the season) with 13 seconds left in the game. He extended his point streak to 7 games. That was it, the Penguins won 4-1.

The Penguins improved their record to 6-1-0 on the season, while Philly... Well, Philly sits here..
Pittsburgh's next game is at home this Saturday when the Vancouver Canucks come to town for an afternoon game starting at 1:00. #LetsGoPens


Penguins Fights 2013-14 #4: Bortuzzo vs. Newbury by @evil_shero

This fight started with a CLEAN hit from Borts to Rinaldo and Newbury saw a chance to take a go at him. I, personally, hate fights that spur from clean hits but given the lack of talent on the ice for the Flyers anyone could have seen this coming a mile away. Bortuzzo was ready to answer the bell and it helped him gain the advantage in this bout.

Bortuzzo loves to lock up his opponent's collar/crest and use his massive 6'4" wingspan to stay out of range and come up and over with right hooks. Robby B gets the tie up he likes and lands two huge shots right off the bat. His third punch knocks him off balance a bit and gets locked up under Newbury's arm. Borts punches his way out of trouble and proceeds to rain down hammering fists on Newbury's head. Newbury manages to land about two solid blows but Borts keeps firing down on Kris earning him the win.

Winner: Robert Bortuzzo

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