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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Penguins Fights 2013-14 #2: Glass v. Harrison by @evil_shero

Oct 8, 2013 1st 16:55

This fight may have stemmed from the penalty taken by Harrison earlier in the game in which he tripped Glass after blowing a tire giving Glass an open lane to the net. Harrison was pestering the Penguins for most of the first period and after a PP goal the Pens were poised to pot another one. After the whistle it only took a cross-check to the back to get Glass' attention and the two dropped the gloves. 

Glass went for this preferred collar tie up but Harrison slipped out of it with a few wild haymakers. Harrison connected a 1-2 solid shots until Glass ducked a huge loafy hook by Harrison and countered with a jab right to the chin tilting the fight in his favor. 

Harrison took another wild shot and lost his balance but to his merit got back up to finish the bout. The next few sloppy punches miss the intended target Glass hits two straight lefts KOing Harrison and ending the fight. 

Winner: Glass (1-1)

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