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Monday, October 14, 2013

"Mad Monday" With @MadChad412 (Sidney Crosby on pace to join elite company)

Welcome to another edition of "Mad Monday"! All the once again I"m not very mad about the Pittsburgh Penguins right now considering that they are 4-1 to start the season. That start is without key players such as Kris Letang and James Neal being out with injuries. In the Pens' first five games they've outscored their opponents 20-13. The Pens, overall, look improved in all of the areas that they needed to be coming into this season. Defensively they've been much better in their own zone, with the exception of their last two games.

So what am I mad about? Let's find out.

I'm mad about that anyone would really say that Sidney Crosby isn't the best player in the world. Honestly, as a fan of hockey and the Pens, I can say without a doubt that the best overall player in the world is Crosby. I"m sure some won't believe me but even if I were a die-hard Flyer's fan I would admit that Crosby is the best player. I would probably hate his guts but fortunately I was born with the ability to not like someone and still admit that they're good at what they do, see Tom Brady.

Crosby is on a tear already, getting a point in each of the first five games of the season. Crosby already leads the league and points with nine, including five goals. Crosby's hat trick/four-point game Saturday night was a showcase for everyone to see what he's ready to do this year.

The thing is Crosby is generally a slow starter and builds momentum as the season goes on. For those that are not aware, Crosby is on pace to join some really elite company this year. If Crosby can lead the league in points-per-game this year it would be the fourth time in his nine-year career that he would accomplish that.

Since Crosby has been in the league, only four players have led the league in points-per-game: Crosby (3 times), Alexander Ovechkin (3 times), Evgeni Malkin (1 time), and Joe Thorton (1 time).

The only other players that have led the league in points-per-game more than three times in their career are: Mario Lemieux, Gordie Howe, Phil Espisito, Bill Cowley, Stan Mikita, and Wayne Gretzky. That's even more amazing considering the time that Crosby is playing in. Crosby has also finished second in points-per-game twice, third once, fourth once, and sixth once. Crosby has finished in the top six in points-per-game every year in his career but one (2011-2012).

Compare that to Claude Giroux, who has finished in the top 10 just one time since he's been in the league. LOL

Crosby is the active leader in points-per-game in both the regular season and the postseason. Not only that, but for his career, only three players all-time have a point-per-game average than Crosby and they are; Gretzky, Lemieux, and Mike Bossy. So the next time someone says that Crosby isn't the best player in the world just tell them they have no idea what the Hell they are talking about.

I'm mad about Steven Stamkos being escorted off of the ice by a ref during Saturday night's game. I saw a few people comment on this but I truly thought the ref helping Stamkos off of the ice during the game was really weird.

The blade on Stamkos' stick broke and he was having trouble getting off of the ice. So the ref literally helped him up and gave him a boost; helping Stamkos get off of the ice for a change.The thing is, because Stamkos was able to change, Alex Kilhorn got on the ice and scored the game-tying goal. Now the Pens still went on to win the game, but I still don't know if this is something the ref should have done at all.

I have been watching and playing hockey my entire life and I have never seen anything like that. Not sure if I'm the only one that thinks the ref was way out of line for helping Stamkos or not but the Pens' bench was  really upset.

Here's the video:

Last thing I'm about is Deryk Engelland playing in place of Robert Bortuzzo. Obviously Bortuzzo isn't going to play every night and he was scratched for Saturday night's game. The bad news was Engelland dressed in his place. Despite playing just a little over ten minutes, Engelland manged to collect the worst orsi relative and corsi-on score on the entire team. Engelland was a -1 for the game Saturday night and looked even worse than his terrible statistics suggest.

Engelland just isn't good. I was talking to Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Pens' beat-writer Josh Yohe about him and Yohe said that there is about 20 teams that would take him on their team but at the same time he agreed with me that there's really no reason for Engelland to playing for this Pens team considering the amount of depth they have on defense. Olli Maatta, a 19-year old rookie is already better than Engelland in every way possible besides punching people in the face.

If the Pens could get rid of Engelland, they would save $566,667 in cap space, and would give them enough money to bring Simon Despres back up from the AHL. There is literally no reason for Engelland to in the lineup over a guy like Despres or Bortuzzo. Bortuzzo is just as tough and scrappy as Engelland and has a good frame to go with it. Engelland probably packs a stronger punch, but Engelland can't skate and Bortuzzo can. Dan Bylsma needs to realize what a big liability Engelland is on the ice. No more Engelland !

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