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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Top Fights of the 2013 Penguins Season by @evil_shero

Fighting in hockey is not going away. Year after year, people try to bring it up as a controversial topic and every year the players overwhelmingly remain in favor of it staying a part of the game. Personally, if the people play the game want it there, keep it there.  This post isn't about weighing the morality or utility of fighting in hockey its about enjoying the best this year had to offer.

I originally wanted to make this list a little longer - maybe Top 10 or 5 but in all honesty the Penguins did not have many memorable "good" scraps this year. The Penguins only fought 22 times putting them 17th in the NHL this year a far departure of the 71 (3rd) two years ago.  Here are a few of the best tilts of the 2013 season.

Tanner Glass v. Arron Asham 

1/20/13 Penguins v. Rangers 

This is the second time these two have fought, Ironically enough, it was Asham was in the Pens sweater and Glass was in Winnipeg's in 2011.  Both men are seasoned fighters although maybe not considered heavyweights.

Being the first fight of the 2013 season for both teams this occurred off the face-off in only 2 seconds with both players looking to prove their mettle to their new teams.

Glass and Asham both had a good grip on each other leaving each's punching hand free. Glass landing a majority of the bigger punches as Asham caught a few on Glass' helmet. Glass used his strength to pull Asham off balance after a large haymakers. Asham got in close and connected with a few heavy shots to Glass' temple and the linesmen stepped in.

Colton Orr v. Deryk Engelland 

1/23/13 Penguins v. Leafs 

Orr and Engo fighting have done back over a decade if you can believe it. The most memorable were two bouts in 2010 which Engelland won decisively one with a ruthless KO

This is fight Engelland was responding to a high hit from Mike Brown to Tanner Glass and Orr answered the call. This tilt features more endurance and strength than strategy at the beginning as both of them looking for the KO knock.

Engo likes his punching arm under his opponents on tie up and goes up and over for the cross on a few occasions. This tilts the opponent's right side upwards leaving punching hand (if a righty) helmet level. Engelland lands some huge punches from coming under and over the tied up arm. Towards the end of the fight Engo takes a good one under the eye swelling it a little.

A great bout going over a minute with the beginning being a draw, Engo taking the bulk of the fight with his right jab, and Orr landing a damaging blow at the end of the tilt. 

Tanner Glass v. Wayne Simmonds 

2/20/13 Penguins v. Flyers 

This began when Brayden "Dive all Day" Schenn boarded Tanner Glass behind the net. A scrum ensued and Simmonds intercepted Glass before he could get to Schenn because Brayden is a coward. 

At first when I saw this transpire I didn't foresee a good fight coming out of this due to how close they were tied up. These two wanted to fight and created space pretty quickly. Both men locked in with the left hand and fired away with the rights. Some of these punched were huge by both men. 

Glass, opposite of Engelland, likes to grab up high around the collar and pull his opponent in to punch and push away to avoid damage. The fight was pretty even with both men landing bombs but Glass causing more damage towards the end of the fight.

The end of the fight Glass was nervous to miss a punch with his off hand and get countered with the huge free right from Simmonds and Wayne knew that he was in a bad spot and the linesmen stepped in.

Douglas Murray v. B.J.Crombeen 

4/11/16 Penguins v. Lightning 

I love this fight. Doug Murray came to the Penguins with such a mystique of his horrid deeds in San Jose and as a Pens fan I couldn't wait to see him fight.

Crombeen lost his good judgement and tried to squeeze a hit on the scary mass that is Murray then challenged him to a fight. Crombeen was this year's leading fight leader and did rather well winning a majority of his battles.

The fight itself was a draw in my opinion but I loved the ferocity of Murray just clubbing away at Crombeen's helmet and trying to break free a few times to land some bombs. Murray did well against the NHL's top (at least most willing) guy and his strength kept the fight close. I have a feeling that Murray didn't mind getting hammered in the face to measure his nex punch.


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