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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Morning Drive: The League's Central Division Preview

As they did last week with the Pacific Division, Brian and TJ break down the NHL's new version of the Central Division. Listen to the podcast by visiting the podcast's homepage at BlogTalkRadio.
In the meantime, here are Brian and TJ's projected finishes for the Division. Don't agree? Hit up the comment section below or let us know on twitter (@ToonsBrian or @ToonsJack).

Brian's Central Division Prediction
1. Chicago - Everybody in this organization know what they're doing and they've the rings to prove it. Nothing changes this year for the 'Hawks.
2. St. Louis - St. Louis has so many of the right pieces. If it weren't for those Stanley Cup Champions to the north.
3. Nashville - The loss of Ryan Suter hurt Nashville last season. Drafting Seth Jones will turn their fortunes around, as will the addition of some speedy players this year.
4. Minnesota - Minnesota is one of the best looking teams on paper. However, the game is still played on ice and until this team fully gels, this team remains a Wild Card team in my eyes.
5. Winnipeg - Winnipeg has a lot of potential. Putting them at the 5-spot is guesswork as they could finish anywhere outside of the top 2.
6. Dallas - If the players in Dallas buy into new head coach Lindy Ruff's system right off the bat, they'll succeed in this division. I'm not sure that they will.
7. Colorado - Milan Hejduk walked. That's not a great sign for the Avs even if they landed McKinnon as the 1st overall pick.

TJ's Central Division Prediction
1. Chicago - The champs are the champs until someone knocks them off.
2. St Louis - The homer pick would to be to have the Blues winning the Central.  I don't think they will be consistent enough to win the division, but they are not far off. 
3. Minnesota - Cullen and Suter join Parise, Heatley, and ccompany. I'm going Wild and so will they.  Playoffs or bust!!!!!
4. Dallas - Now is the time for Kari Lehtonen to is the cure to Big D's growing pains.  New logo, faces, coach, and direction won't stop the Stars from shooting for the postseason.
5. Nashville  - Losing Suter is gonna keep this team out of the playoffs. Go ahead and send your real-estate card to Barry Trotz.
6. Winnipeg -  Coming from the former Southeaster Division, the Jets might fly high for spurts, but I expect too much turbulence to make a serious playoff run.
7. Colorado - Sakic and Roy could probably help this team more in gear than in suits.

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