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Monday, August 12, 2013

Update on the Sidney Crosby DMV Scandal by @ChicksDigHockey

We've got an update on the story that has captivated the hockey world since the Pittsburgh newspaper that rhymes with “Must Forget” first broke it.

It seems as though PG reporter Amy Schaarsmith isn't the pariah she first appeared to be. She’s just a sensationalist. The REAL hack behind the non-news that Sidney Crosby didn't wait in a DMV line for his license renewal is the henpecked editor who assigned the story in the first place.

Mark Madden (washed my hands after typing that) tweeted that an editor assigned Ms Schaarsmith to muckrake on Crosby after said editor’s wife, a certified member of the Golden Vagina Club, became butt hurt that Sid got a bigger cookie than she did.

I would name names and out the editor in a heartbeat but it seems he has crawled up Ms. Schaarsmith’s skirt where he plans to cower until his wife performs the marital duty she promised or he is no longer in danger of being hit by the excrement hitting the fan.

Link to original article:

Link to our rebuttal:


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