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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

@PensInitiative .com and @JAWPA Golden Ticket

Throughout our lives, we are subjected to an onslaught of quotes. The general reason for this is summed up by the fact that they center around the most basic of truths. The drawback with using a quote too often is that they seemingly lose their impact because of the frequency with which we end up hearing them. They become cliche. However, those basic truths remain no matter how many times politicians or our favorite cartoon superheros utter them.

A few short months ago, PensInitiative.com was approached by Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania (JAWPA) to help promote their Golden Ticket program. While we here at Pens Initiative had discussed from the onset our desire to be as active in the community as possible, this "partnership" brought forth an opportunity for us to achieve that goal.

Last Day to Enter: August 28, 2013
Drawing to be held Aug. 29, 7:00 PM
Face it, this is a great time to be a sports fan in the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. The Penguins, obviously, have some of the biggest names in the NHL. The Pirates are finally relevant late in the MLB season. Steelers football is right around the corner. Add Pitt, Penn State, Duquesne to the mix. Don't forget the Pittsburgh Power. The JAWPA Golden Ticket gives you a chance to win SEASON TICKETS to just about every team in town for only $50.

While the prize is a sports-lover's dream, this is really about helping the JAWPA with their mission.

Junior Achievement is a program that focuses on teaching our youth skills equally important to basic math and literacy, yet often ignored for all but a semester during high school. The key for our youth to succeed in the immediate and long-term future reside as much in their ability to exercise sound economic decisions as much as their ability to read and write.

JAWPA services nearly 68,000 children of school age in Western PA, preparing them for their future by teaching them about things like Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and simply being prepared for the workplace. That's a major task for the organization which rely on some 3,000 hardworking volunteers.

Now seems an appropriate time for a few of those quotes and cliches we spoke of earlier:

"The children are our future." That particular cliche, while true, is incomplete. Yes, the children are our future. Yet, the relationship between "the children" and us is a cyclical one for their future does still depend on us as well.

"If my goal is to run two miles, I train for three." That quote is paraphrased from an interview I heard with Will Smith a few years ago. It's appropriate here because I believe that it sums up what Junior Achievement is trying to do. Preparing today's children to finish high school is one thing. Preparing them to succeed beyond that is something entirely different. Life is tough. They need to be prepared for it.

"With great power comes great responsibility." I'm not really sure what kind of power Pens Initiative has at this point outside of our readership. The funny thing about power, though, is not how much you have, but how you use it.

That is why we here at PensInitiative.com would like to ask you, our readers, to check out JAWPA's website (www.JAWesternPA.org). Look into what they're doing and have done. Try to win the Golden Ticket. Simply donate. Most importantly, spread the word.

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