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Monday, August 26, 2013

Malkin Fights 7 Year Old

Shocking, disturbing video has been released from Russia as Evgeni Malkin fights a 7 year old after losing a charity game.

Click below to see the haunting video!

From Dmitry Chesnokov and SovSport, the chilling footage:

Is this really the type of behavior we want to have on the Penguins?  Really makes you think.

Of course this is all in jest.  According to the few details able to be read about the "fight" it took place in the middle of a charity game between Team Malkin and Team Kovalchuk.  If anyone else has any more information please pass it along!  We would love to know more!

UPDATE: From our friends and Puck Daddy:

The charity game, organized by llya Kovalchuk, featured all-star player associated with SKA St. Petersburg. Part of that event featured players like Malkin and Alex Radulov playing with a local hockey school team from Tver, which led to this hilarious “fight” between Malkin and the young player during the second intermission.
 If you know more, let us know! 

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