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Monday, August 19, 2013

LeBron James shows Post-Gazette, Sidney Crosby What Real Superstar Treatment Is by @MadChad412


So as you know, Amy Schaarsmith of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote an editorial on Sidney Crosby getting "superstar treatment" at the DMV. Schaarsmith whined and complained about how Crosby was able to skip the line to renew his license. In her article, she depicted it as if Crosby demanded to be given that sort of treatment. The DMV didn't want to delay the wait time anymore, nor did they want to deal with fans causing a stir with Crosby being there, so they had Crosby go to the front of the line to avoid any potential problems.

For some reason, the Post-Gazette thought this deserved to be a huge story. In fact, despite countless witnesses that were at the DMV saying that Crosby did not demand any type of "superstar" treatment, the PG went on to write an article as if he did. The fact of the matter is the wife of the editor of the PG was at the DMV and was super butthurt about Crosby getting to jip the line. So she went ahead and used her power of and had the PG run a story that portrayed in Crosby in an unfair way.

You would have thought that the PG would have run some type of retraction or at least publicly apologized to Crosby for portraying him in a false way but they have not. In fact, their employers have done nothing but defend the newspaper, including Paul Zeise, who blocked me on Twitter because I called him out for defending the story.

This past weekend the world got to see what true superstar treatment is thanks to LeBron James. James was personally escorted by police in Miami to the Jay-Z/Justin Timberlake concert. Not only that, but the police actually escorted James to the concert on the wrong side of the road. James was on Twitter boasting about his personal escort, only to get trolled and face-palmed by Jon Blum.

Now again, call me jealous or a "LeBron hater", but I'm just calling it like it is. James literally used taxpayer money to get escorted by police to a concert because "traffic was bad". F-him. 

Now compare the two situations: Crosby was escorted to the front of the line so that no commotion would be made about him being at a public place such as a DMV. They did this out of convenience and for the safety of Crosby and the people at the DMV. 

James being escorted by police to a f*cking Jay-Z concert is not only a huge joke; it's also a big waste of taxpayer money. Teams get escorted by police all of the time but that's usually to sporting events that they're playing in. This is something that James is doing on his own personal time. Then he goes and brags about it like the scumbag he is. 

I wonder what the PG thinks about this story...No on second though I hope that their paper eventually goes under like it probably will. Here's hoping they put a paywall on their site; which would surely doom their hack writing and news stories. 

And yes, I know that by continuing to write about it I am part of the problem as well. Sorry, I can't seem to bash the PG and Schaarmsith enough for the hack job on Crosby. I also can't badmouth that selfish prick James enough either. Did you happen to hear his speech when the Miami Heat won the championship this year? "Me, me, me, me, I, I, I, I", he couldn't compliment himself enough. Everything was about him. and not about his teammates. Do you ever imagine Crosby doing that? 

The Post-Gazette should be ashamed of themselves in my opinion. 

You guys miss hockey yet? 

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