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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crosby DMV Incident Impacts ... No one by @ChicksDigHockey

Congratulations to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on resorting to drama to sell papers. Post-Gazette beat writer, Amy McConnell Schaarsmith wrote a sensationalized piece about Sidney Crosby not being made to wait in a DMV line to renew his driver’s license. I’m sure Ms. Schaarsmith was rather proud of her rambling report of how the Duncan Manor DMV scathingly let Crosby renew his license without waiting in line with the common Pittsburgh resident.

The Post-Gazette article opens with a description of the “drill” when one goes to renew one’s license at the Duncan Manor DMV. With the flair of a National Inquirer reporter, Ms. Schaarsmith offered:

“You know the Department of Motor Vehicles drill. You took a half day off work to renew your driver's license during business hours. Inside the DMV office, dozens of fellow would-be motorists with glazed expressions sprawl in rows of hard plastic chairs, their bored and cranky children squalling the misery felt by all. And there's no telling how long you will wait.”

Seriously? Even the DMV on Smithfield Street doesn’t see that kind of angst in a whole month. If the citizens waiting in the Duncan Manor DMV look glazed it’s more likely because their Mutual Funds didn’t perform up to their expectations.  No public-access government department wants Sidney Crosby, Ben Roethlisberger or even Andrew McCutchen standing in line in their building with the masses. The security risk posed by one of them taking a number and waiting in the ‘rows of hard plastic chairs’ is monumental. Some fans have a hard time defining boundaries with celebrities on the internet let alone behind them in line.

The Post- Gazette article further laments:

“….as Mr. Crosby demonstrated to amazed patrons of the Duncan Manor DMV office in McCandless Friday morning, you get to skip to the front of the line, taking care of business in minutes while mere mortals -- including fans -- wait as they must.”

What a load of journalistic crap. She may claim in hind sight to have dramatized Crosby’s appearance at the DMV tongue-in-cheek but this wasn’t a satiristic piece or even an editorial. It was offered up as news. This kind of dramatized drivel is why celebrities need to be snuck in thru the back door into a private room. 

Ms. Schaarsmith proceeds to interview the “mere mortals” as to whether they got their panties in a bunch because Crosby was given “preferential treatment”. Who gives a rat’s ass what a 46 year-old woman from Cranberry or her 22 year-old daughter who spent an hour and a half (gasp!) waiting think? When they contribute as much to the city of Pittsburgh or the youth hockey leagues in Pittsburgh as Mr. Crosby has they can have an opinion. Until then, not so much. 

The author of this journalistic masterpiece did do her due diligence and contacted the spokeswoman for the motor vehicles department: 

“…And state officials said that rather than contain the fan chaos surrounding Mr. Crosby and other celebrities, they want to keep it from starting at all…..As a result, supervisors of DMV offices throughout the state decide whether and when to let famous people -- whose presence might actually make customers' wait time longer -- go to the head of the line, said Jan McKnight, a spokeswoman for the motor vehicles department. The decision is based on how much potential the celebrity has to create a furor that causes delays for everyone, she said.” 

Thank goodness the state of Pennsylvania has the insight as well as foresight to allow the likes of Sidney Crosby to scorn society by not waiting in line to renew his driver’s license. With the journalistic prowess of a tick, Ms. Schaarsmith goes on to include further inane remarks by the 46 year-old mother from Cranberry:

"Those are the people fans learn to love and encourage their children to follow -- the ones that take the time to talk and be themselves," (the woman) said. "It depends on what kind of character you want to show, and it depends on how you want people to talk about you."

With all due respect to the woman from Cranberry and the drama queen from the Post-Gazette, Sidney Crosby had more character in the teeth he lost earlier this year than either of you do in you in the inevitable cellulite on your respective butts. His charity work is well documented as is the discount he gave the Penguins when he signed his most recent contract. His generosity to children as well as his courage and poise as a sports figure makes him an ideal role model to any ‘mere mortal’


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