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Friday, May 3, 2013

Superstitious by @ryannoble66

It is that time of year! The NHL Playoffs officially started yesterday. You know what that means, Throw away your razors! (Well, gentlemen, anyways... I mean you can as well ladies, but it is getting warm and I am not sure how this idea makes you feel..) Tis the season to be superstitious.

NHL Players also have their own superstitions. Perhaps you have heard of Sidney Crosby? The BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD, with all his talent is not free from the superstition bug. Sid cannot call his mother on game days because of three occasions when he did, he got hurt/injured. Also, once Sid tapes his stick, nobody is allowed to touch it. If they do he MUST re tape it and when on the road he will not use tape supplied by the home team. Also, "The Kid" requires the same pre-game snack, before each game at 5:00 he MUST eat a PB&J sandwich. Also, when on the road when the team is travelling in the team bus,  when they go over train tracks Sid will lift his feet and touch the glass. 

Sid is not the first player in the NHL's history to have strange superstitions. For example, did you know that before Brendan Shanahan handed out suspensions, that before each game he would rock out to Madonna? Even Partick Roy was a victim of this "sickness". When he wasn't talking to his goal posts, when crossing the  ice, Roy would step over the blue lines and centre ice. And do you remember that goalie for Philly, Ron Hextall?  Before and after each period, Hextall would hit both posts and the crossbar with his stick. And if you remember Hextall, you might remember that young goalie that beat him up named Felix Potvin. Potvin would make a cross on his locker out of hockey tape before each game. 

And even the Great One, Wayne Gretzky was also a slave to superstition. First, Gretzky would not get his hair cut on the road. He had a specific order that he had to put his equipment on. Also, after warm up, Wayne would drink a Diet Coke, a glass of water, a Gatorade and then another Diet Coke. And he would always put baby powder on the blade of his stick. 

These are just a few players, however the list of players and superstitions is endless. What about us, the fans? I know that my list of superstitions could be considered a mental disorder. Instead of a detailed paragraph(s) of mine, I will make a list of them. These don't just apply in the Playoffs but also the Regular Season.

  • Can't shave on game day.
  • For those familiar to my twitter account, I cannot do #MoreCats on game day
  • Must not wear a tank top under shirt on game day.
  • Need my "Lucky" Penguins hockey puck and Little Stanley Cup in room where I am watching the game.
  • I must wear Pens gear, but if I wear a jersey, I must wear the opposite of the one the team is wearing that night.
  • Must shower during the first intermission.
  • I must wear my Pens necklace during a game but can't any other time.
  • If the team wins, I must wear the same clothes the next game. If we lose, I cant wear them on a game day for a few weeks.

The sad part is that this list wont end... So instead I want to know what your superstitions are. Are they like mine or are you normal? Share with us what your hockey rituals are in the comments, on our Facebook or our Twitter. Or if you want to share them with me, my Twitter is @ryannoble66. We look forward to hearing them!

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