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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Steve Wozniak vs. Douglas Murray by @knucklepucker

Allow me to introduce you to a man who doesn't get Douglas Murray.

In an article posted Tuesday on Yahoo! Sports, author Steve Wozniak puts the recent PK woes squarely on the shoulders of Pittsburgh Penguins newcomer Murray. Let us begin to breakdown Wozinak's feeble efforts of demoralizing Crankshaft.

According to Wozinak, Murray is "slow and plodding" being on the ice for nine of the ten powerplay goals given up since his arrival in Pittsburgh.

I went back and looked at three of the most recent PPG Murray was on the ice against. It's pretty obvious Wozinak is fishing and coming up empty handed.

In this goal, given up to Islanders, Murray is in position with his stick on the ice. Paul Martin doesn't box out Matt Moulson, who eventually gets the pass and scores. Blame Douglas Murray.

Exhibit B shows Murray hounding New Jersey forwards around the net and following the play while not losing position. It was a David Clarkson five-hole snap shot that found its way between Marc-Andre Fleury's legs that gave the Devils a PPG. Blame Douglas Murray.

Sherlock provides us further evidence as to why Douglas Murray is just the worst at killing penalties with this showstopping stat.
Prior to his arrival, the Penguins' penalty kill was succeeding at just a 79.49-percent clip, bad enough to put them near the bottom of the league in that category. Since Murray joined the team, they made a minimal improvement to 79.59 percent.
According to Wozniak, the Penguins were 79% on the PK, and still are with the addition of Murray? And let's not forget Murray has a plus/minus of -1. Man, what a flop of a trade.

Wozniak goes on to suggest with Orpik coming back from injury, it should be Murray who is the healthy scratch. Over Derek Engelland or Simon Despres? That is laughable.

Look, it's a given Murray isn't a speed demon. Yes it's one of his weaker attributes as a defender, but where he makes up for that is his massive size. He's listed at 6' 3" and 240 pounds. Islanders forwards have openly admitted it's in their game plan to avoid Murray on the rush. He is an immovable object.

Plus he's contributing offensively. Murray had scored only two goals in his previous 56 NHL playoff games before going top shelf glove side Sunday. Let's not forget he snapped his 176 game scoreless streak earlier this year after being traded to the Penguins.

To put this in a nutshell, Wozniak's position on Murray is like a Tyler Kennedy slap shot: he completely missed the mark.

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