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Friday, May 17, 2013

Penguins as WWF Superstars by @evil_shero and @ryannoble66

Matt Cooke - Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Jake Roberts was one of the most disliked wrestlers of his time. With a reputation of being "dirty", the comparison was pretty simple.

Though, both guys have been known for being "sneaky", unless you know the two or watched both on a regular basis it was/is tough to appreciate all the great qualities that both have. Both are there to do a job that not everybody wants to do, while in their spare time have hearts of gold.

Both guys are proof that you cant always judge a book by its cover... Or its reputation... Or its suspension history...

Jarome Iginla - The Undertaker

Undertaker is one of the most respected wrestlers in the history of the WWF. The longevity, loyalty and consistency throughout his career can not be matched.

Though, Iginla was moved and can no longer be considered a franchise guy, his loyalty and continued leadership is a quality that the Undertaker shares. No matter who they are working with they manage to make who they are around better.

The only difference is Championships, will Iginla win his first "title" this season with the Penguins?

Doug Murray - Diesel

Diesel (Kevin Nash) was regarded as one of the better "big man" wrestlers in the business. He was tough, powerful, and carried himself with a calm cool in the ring.

His original character "Diesel" was hired muscle to protect then Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels.

Doug Murray was acquired by the Penguins in 2012 for a little extra muscle and to make people think twice about taking liberties on our superstars and to shut down opponents in our zone.

Murray and Diesel both doing the dirty work not for ill intention but because it was the job they were hired to do. Both men imposing, strong and intimidating made this comparison a no-brainer.
Sidney Crosby - Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Bret Hart is known as "The best there is, the best there was, and the best that ever will be" how appropriate for Penguin's captain Sidney Crosby. Hart's finisher was also called "The Sharpshooter" and was widely considered a Candian hero hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Hart has won every title in the WWF and WCW making him one of the most accomplished professional wrestlers in modern history. Crosby has won virtually every award available in the NHL and is considered one of the best NHL players in modern history.

A combination of being the best in their profession, a national hero, and widely respected amongst their peers Bret Hart and Sidney Crobsy just made sense.

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