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Monday, May 13, 2013

Best of Pens Facebook April 29-May 12 by @TheCaptainDuck

It’s time for week three/four of “Best of Pens Facebook.”  I’m combining two weeks into one post, because I was unavailable for my post last week.  The format and idea for the weekly posts are simple: take people’s outrageous comments and suggestions on the Pittsburgh Penguins official Facebook page and analyze them. 
These two weeks featured everything you’d expect out of the casual Penguins fan after a loss (losses).  “Fire Fleury” “Trade Bylsma” etc, etc.  The Penguins ended up taking the series from the Islanders 4-2, but everyone on Facebook is on their A game as far as bridge-jumping goes.  Most of these, I’m just going to post without any comments because of their existing comedic value.  Enjoy, these are fellow Penguins fans...

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