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Friday, April 26, 2013

Evil Shero's Favorite Penguins Fights by @evil_shero

Like it or not fights are a part of hockey. There are good arguments on both sides of the case but until the players themselves want to abolish fighting in the NHL it I will continue to be a fan. Here are some of the most memorable fights in Penguin history. There were a ton to choose from so if I missed any please let me know. 

This fight was incredible with tons of punches thrown. What started out as a wrestle-fest turned out to be two middle weights to unloaded more than a dozen solid shots to eachother.


This was such a great fight to see. Eager, at the time, was considered one of the more feared fighters in the NHL for the hated Flyers. He took a late hit on Robert's teammate Georges Laraque and Gary Roberts would have none of it. When the fight originally transpired everyone was worried for the 41 year old warrior until he pummeled him like a man possessed dominating him with brutal left hooks. After the fight Roberts then challenged the entire Flyers bench to challenge him on his way to the box. It was this moment that cemented Robert's place in Pittsburgh hockey folklore.


What has become to be known as the "Shhhhh Fight" Talbot and Carcillo squared off in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Penguins down 3-0 to the Flyers Talbot challenged the Flyers goon Daniel Carcillo and they fought right off the faceoff. Talbot didn't win the fight but his willingness to go with the animal Carcillo sparked a 5 goal rally and the Penguins eventually taking the series over the Flyers and later capturing their 3rd Stanley Cup. Some people will point to this fight as the turning point of the entire off season for the Penguins. 

There was a time pre-lockout that people weren't over sensitive towards fighting and seeing Probert and McSorely in the line-up against each other would be news within itself. Probert was by a large margin the baddest and most fierce fighter in the NHL. His cocaine fueled battles were of legend and when McSorley decided to take him on it became of of the widely regarded best scraps in NHL history.

During a string of nasty games against the Islanders in 2011, one of the rarest occurrences in hockey happened - a goalie fight. Matt Cooke and DiPietro collided on a dump-in play and the play stopped due to the players convening to discuss it with dirty gloves and bad breath. For some strange reason, DiPietro signaled to Johnson that he wanted to fight. He skated out of his crease (which is an automatic  misconduct for goaltenders) and threw down his gloves with bad intentions. Johnson obliged causally and proceeded to smash DiPietro's orbital bone to bits downing the fragile goaltender for the rest of the season. The rarity combined with the ironic arrogance that DiPietro challenged Johnson with is what makes this fight special.

The infamous "Go to Sleep" fight. I like this fight if only for the sheer brutality of it. One huge punch between willing combatants and a knock-out.

This was special because it was against cross-state rivals Philadelphia. These two in the line-up was a guaranteed scrap. I love how viscous this fight turned once both men got their hands free. 


This was Engelland's coming out party. Being called up from the WBS Penguins everyone knew he was tough but it was never proven at an NHL level (minus a few hug-fests in 09). Engo took on one of the top 5 heavyweights in the NHL in Orr. Engelland took some damage and fought smart delivering a KO punch to end it. Shortly after this fight TSN's Off The Record former NHL enforcer Jim Thomson selected Engelland as the best fighter in the NHL, noting how smart of a fighter he is, and calling him 'the hardest puncher by far.'


A few days after making a name for himself, Engelland was challenged by another Flyers goon (one of six on the roster at the time) in Jody Shelley. This was another scrap to prove that his KO against Orr wasn't a fluke. So when Engo was challenged he answered ... with a dozen punches to the face.

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