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Monday, April 29, 2013

4th Annual Plum LipDub by @plumTvprod

When I was only a little evil, I was a Plum Mustang. I was lucky enough to be part of Plum High School's very first TV production class back in the late 90's. It was my favorite class and I quickly became engrossed in editing, filming, and creating the stories used in our projects. Rick Berrott, was and still is in charge of the department and has taken it in its infancy to the incredible place that it is today.

Mr. Berrott is huge Penguins fan and he integrated hockey into our TV production lessons. He took our class to a game and got us to tour the TV truck and the KBL studio, it was great. I also have a feeling he was behind the entire school broadcasting Mario's "final" goal against the Flyers in 1997. Can you tell that him and the program he built left an impression on me? That's why I am more than happy to support them as a friend and proud alumni.

The Plum LipDub has been a yearly tradition starting back in 2010 with its first tribute and it has evolved into a spectacular display of planning, commitment, and fun. These are always done in ONE SHOT which is incredible for an 11 minute video. Here is their 4th annual offering to LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It with their own Penguins-centric lyrics.

You can follow my "old" teacher at @plumtvprod (sorry I said old)

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