Video: Evgeni Malkin Singing Karaoke With Alex Ovechkin

Evgeni Malkin off of the ice is just as, if not more exciting than he is on the ice. The random and hilarious pictures that he takes, and now this, singing karaoke with Alex Ovechkin. Geno is the king of kings.

We need @theolec11 Zack Sill by @evil_shero

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We all got a sample of Zack Sill last year  when the Penguins were decimated (again) with injuries to key players and he put on a #38 jersey around his 6' 202 pound frame and earned 2 hits in 9 minutes of ice time against the New Jersey Devils. It was very clear that the Penguins had a hard working, hard hitting, grinder just dying to play some NHL minutes as Sill chirped anyone donning Red and White all night.

During his 20 game stint, he racked up 58 hits, 2.85 a game which was third behind Glass (3.68) and Orpik (3.06). He also tallied .9 blocked shots per game which is 1st on the team among forwards. Sill made the most of his time and became a victim of the Penguins deep bench and was sent back to WBS.

The Truth About Not Extending Marc-Andre Fleury by @pghgirl15222

Recently Josh Yohe from the Tribune Review released an article noting that Marc-Andre Fleury will likely enter the 2014-2015 season without a contract extension. Rutherford was quoted in the article by stating that “I'm not in a hurry to do a contract with him” but then almost backtracks mentioning that “there’s no reason why he can't be our goalie for a long time.”

Pens' Head Coach Mike Johnston Wants To "Lessen the Load" for Sidney Crosby

New Pittsburgh Penguins' head coach, Mike Johnston, told the media that he wants to "Lessen the load" for team captain Sidney Crosby. Johnston told Tribune-Review reporter Jason Mackey "Do we have to lessen the load? Yes. We have to ensure that other players on our team take some of the responsibility off his shoulders — both in leadership and also in performance. He is a captain, and he is a leader, but it doesn't all rest on Sid.” Crosby, who played 80 games during the regular season, also played in 13 playoff games, as well as five games for Team Canada in the 2014 Winter Olympics. All the while carrying the Penguins to the best record in the Eastern Conference, while winning the scoring title, as well as the Hart Trophy for the league's MVP. By the  end of the season rolled around, Crosby certainly looked and played like he was fatigued (As well as injured) by the time the end of the season came around. 

If Vegas Gets a Team, Maybe it's Time for Canada to Divorce the NHL

By: @ChrisRBarron

In the dog days of summer, when there is little real hockey to talk, nothing stokes the embers of sports radio and the blogosphere like a report about an impending round of expansion coming to the NHL.

Last night, news broke that the NHL was planning on adding as many as 4 new teams by 2017.  The four areas supposedly the front-runners for new teams are Seattle, Toronto, Quebec City and Las Vegas.  That's right - Las Vegas.  That place in the desert with temperatures regularly in the triple digits. 

What was more unbelievable to me wasn't just the ridiculousness of Las Vegas being on this list, but the report that an expansion team coming to Vegas was "a done deal" and that Sin City along with Seattle would be the first two expansion franchises to be awarded - with the "possibility" of Quebec City and a second team in the Greater Toronto Area in the mix for 2017.


Bring Back the Fun by @Nick422

The pieces are in place, aside from a tinker here and there, and we finally have an idea of what our 2014-15 Pittsburgh Penguins will look like.  They'll be deeper, younger, and lacking some very familiar faces.  The main goal, as always, for the new group may remain win the Cup but there's a secondary goal for this squad of Penguins:

Bring back the fun.

The Reality of Pascal Dupuis' Return From Injury by @ChicksDigHockey

When the 2014-15 hockey season opens, a lot of things will be different about the Pittsburgh Penguins. Familiar faces are gone and in their places will be those we only know as opponents. One of the returning favorites will be Pascal Dupuis who hasn't played since he injured his knee in December when Marc Methot hit Sidney Crosby, which propelled Crosby into Dupuis. His knee bent awkwardly and it was later determined he tore his ACL.

I was surprised at the number of people who were judgmental of Pascal Dupuis’ knee injury, subsequent surgery and rehab. Seems everyone feels comfortable critiquing something like an ACL tear because, let’s face it, most people know someone who has had one. The reality is, the entire approach to the ACL is different for a professional athlete than it is for a car salesman who plays dek hockey on the weekends. 

When Dupuis wasn’t rushed to the OR after his injury some were critical calling it the strangest ACL recovery ever. In reality it was smart. Most surgeons prefer not to rush an injury to the operating room. First off, you never want to operate on swollen (edematous) tissue unless you have to. Swelling distorts the tissue and makes it hard to actuate the extent of the injury. Sewing distorted tissue is riskier than putting two clean ends together and healing is adversely effected.

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