ANOTHER RECAP: Penguins Drop a Sleeper to the Rangers, 2-1 by @wutendeskind

Shots: 26 New York Rangers – 24 Pittsburgh Penguins
Shot Attempts: 51 Pittsburgh Penguins – 44 New York Rangers
Scoreboard: 2-1, New York Rangers

Game 3 of Penguins vs Rangers: a (Scanners) Recap by @DXTraeger

This is me, and this is my brain during the Stanley Cup playoffs
(photo from the movie "Scanners") 
**Note: be sure to check out my colleague Olivia's recap on this game as well.  Our plan is to exponentially increase our recaps as the Pens win games in the post-season, so stand by for our 32,768 recaps when Pittsburgh wins the Stanley Cup in June**

The Pittsburgh Penguins, fresh off of their 4-3 victory against the New York Rangers on Saturday night, looked to take the lead in the two teams' opening round series during Monday night's Game 3 at the Consol Energy Center.

I Love It When They Chant "Crosby Sucks" and This & That by @ChicksDigHockey

(via Penguins)
*~ I love it when opponents chant "CROSBY SUCKS". The NYR crowd managed several rounds of the popular chant at the garden and were especially vocal during Saturday’s Game 2....until he scored  twice.
I hope they do it every game! In fact, I’d be all for chanting it at CEC!! It ignites Crosby.
 Match meet gasoline!!
Sid is such an intense perfectionist that I think he views it as a challenge to elevate his game. Crosby netted two goals in that game and Geno seemed in favor of him adding the EN at the end for a hatty.....but it was not to be. 

Game 2 of Penguins vs Rangers: a ("VICTORY IS MINE!") Recap by @DXTraeger

The Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers squared off Saturday night at the appropriately named Madison Square Gardens for their second game of their opening round series.

The Rangers used a strong first period to take a 2-0 game lead, and would hold on to take a 1-0 series advantage.

TRP: Game 2 - Pittsburgh at New York by @LCJS

By: Lee C.J. Sobotka | Staff Writer

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Game 1 of Penguins vs Rangers: a ("The Simpsons") Recap by @DXTraeger

This series's underdog, Santa's Little Pittsburgh Penguins
(photo from Fox's "The Simpsons")
With last year's playoff series firmly etched into the mind of players and fans alike, the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers kicked off their first round Stanley Cup Playoffs series on Thursday night.


It’s that time of the year again…..Are you ready for the Atom-Bomb Bikini Playoff Challenge? 
Enter to win prizes and prove your hockey expertise!

Our very own artistic genius is at it again. Rob Ullman has made his predictions for round one of the playoffs. Instead of doing them in boring bracket form…..yawn….he gives you his prediction with Team Pinup Girls! 

Here’s how to play: pick the teams you think will advance to the final four, the conference champions, and the eventual Stanley Cup winner. One point for each correct final four pick, two for each final two pick, and three for picking the champs. Whoever has the most points when that cup is hoisted in June will win the big prize! 


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