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Utilizing Corsi to Better Analyze PDO by @BrianK_PI

All data used in this post was obtained from Hockey Analysis and Puckalytics

PDO is a statistic that has been used as a measure of luck. It's a team's shooting percentage plus their save percentage, and with each shot either being a goal or a save across the entire league the total equals 100. Now, what makes this an indicator of luck is that theory states that PDO should regress to 100 over a sufficiently large sample size, and that any team above 100 is enjoying good luck that will not last, while any team below 100 is suffering bad look and should see a bounce back.

However, PDO as a stat suffers from a lack of sample size. If more data is present, the stat would be more accurate, though data collection is limited to the events occurring during NHL gameplay. However, it is possible to get more data for use in PDO analysis without having teams play any more additional games. Corsi is a measure of all shot attempts throughout the course of a game, not just those directed on net, and as such there are more Corsi events throughout a game than there are shots on goal. Over the course of a season, the additional events add up and give a larger data set to work with.

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Blake Comeau Embracing Opportunity in Pittsburgh by @griffTHW

Talk about a shrewd signing.  When Jim Rutherford inked Blake Comeau to a one-year, $700,000 contract, Pittsburgh's new G.M. brought in the kind of player the Penguins had been starving for, someone capable of bolstering the bottom-six.

After all, not only did Comeau dole out 197 hits in Columbus last year, but he's a former 20-goal scorer (he potted 24 markers and added 22 helpers with the Islanders during the 2010-'11 campaign).  Oh, and the winger brings a solid puck possession game, a quality the Pens have placed a premium on since Mike Johnston took over behind the bench.

And, while Comeau figured to slot in on either Pittsburgh's third or fourth line, he clearly sensed an opportunity with his new club, a chance to jumpstart a career that had seemingly stalled in recent years.

“Since I left New York, my numbers have dropped off a little bit. So I’m excited to expand my role and get back there contributing offensively like I know I can. Lot’s of depth upfront, so it’s exciting for any player to come here and play with these types of players.” - Comeau, on joining the Penguins
Eight games into the season, he's certainly taking advantage of his new surroundings.  Already having registered two goals and six points, Comeau's production bears no resemblance to a player who failed to put up more than 16 points in any of the last three seasons.

Of course, riding shotgun alongside Evgeni Malkin probably doesn't hurt.  Who knows how long it will last but the veteran winger is clearly seizing the opportunity while he can.  With five points in his last four games, Comeau continues to make his case for sticking with the superstar for the foreseeable future.

Should that offensive output dip if and when he returns to the bottom-six, though, don't mistake the "demotion" for Comeau bringing less value to the lineup.  Because, regardless of point production, he brings so much more to the table.

Whether it comes from throwing his weight around (he currently ranks second on the squad with 27 hits), standing up to an opponent who takes a run at a teammate or chipping in on special teams, Comeau finds a way to impact the game.  And, since he can play in any situation or slide up and down the depth chart, he provides the kind of versatility the Penguins clearly covet.

In short, he provides a lot of what last year's Penguins lacked.  Not bad for $700,000.

Pens Initiative November Desktop Wallpaper by @ryannoble66.

Here is the new Pens Initiative Desktop Wallpaper for the month of November! Each month we will have a new desktop wallpaper with a different player and that months schedule. If you miss the post, that is okay because we will have each month available in our Multimedia section once that month starts. 

RECAP: Pens Give New Jersey A Devil Of A Time

In years past, a game that saw MarcAndre Fleury giving up a goal 9 seconds into a hockey game would not end well.

In years past, the Devils opening up a two-goal lead on any Penguins team meant that the game was as good as done.

Last night, the Penguins provided the most definitive evdience in this early portion of the season that "years past" no longer applies, downing the Devils 8-3.

The New Cult Hero has Always Been Here by @kjcmalakai

Not the cult hero we deserved - the cult hero we needed
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Penguins needed a new cult hero.  A cult hero in hockey is a non-superstar that a fanbase has a ravenous affinity for and Pascal Dupuis certainly fits this description.  This became readily apparent to me when he returned to the ice the very next game following being taken off of the ice on a stretcher during the game against the Dallas Stars on October 16.

That tweet from's own @MadChad412 sums up the sentiment of a lot of Penguins fans about Pascal Dupuis.  

He really is Super Duper.

Pens Will Only Go as Far as Sid and Geno Will Take Them by @ChrisRBarron

Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin
Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin will decide the Pens' future.
Hockey is a complex team sport, unlike basketball, a team’s prospects rarely ride squarely on the back of one or two players.  Wayne Gretzky scored a league leading 163 points for the 1990-1991 that didn’t even make it to the Stanley Cup – falling to the Edmonton Oilers in the division finals.  We Pens fans know all too well how Mario Lemieux’s league-leading 160points in 1992-1993 weren’t enough to get them back to the Cup finals.  So if the Great One and Le Magnifique couldn’t single-handedly win a Cup, it’s fair to say unequivocally that a team’s prospects can't be determined by just one player.

That being conceded, the truth is that this Pens team may come as close as any other team to challenging that basic assumption – because this team will only go as far as Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin will take them.

Pittsburgh @Penguins in Horror Movies by @ryannoble66 and @ChicksDigHockey.

Those of you who followed us last year might remember our "FAMOUS MOVIE MONSTERS STARRING THE PENS!" post. If not, take a look here. 

This year, we decided not to limit our ideas to classic "creature features" and explore some horror movies that were filmed since color has been added to "picture boxes".

Take a Halloween stroll with us as we re-imagine some of horror's best villains as Pittsburgh Penguins.

At first, you may not think Sidney Crosby could have anything in common w Freddy Kruger, the serial killer who stalks and kills his victims in their dreams. Think Sidney Crosby the serial scorer and think 2010. Crosby notched 2 hat tricks just days apart. The first came 11/27 against Kiprusoff and the Calgary Flames and again just five days later, a natural hat trick against Pavelec and the Atlanta Thrashers. No doubt, he has haunted many goalie's dreams.

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