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The farce that was the All-Star Game has come and gone, much like the hope that was the Penguins' season (#HotTake).  What started out so promisingly with what looked like an unstoppable power play and reservations at the top of the Metro has eroded into an injury plagued, mumps infested, 17-12 mockery of its former self.  There is a lot of hockey left to play, and a lot of time to get things right, but right now the Penguins are trending in the wrong direction.  Yes they are a still in second place in the Metro, and yes, this may (definitely) be an overreaction, but at 3-4-3 in their last ten games, what has started as a slump has devolved into what appears to be a legitimate problem.

Metro Games to Watch This Week
Thursday, January 29 - Montreal Canadiens @ New York Rangers
Friday, January 30 - Pittsburgh Penguins @ New Jersey Devils
Saturday, January 31 - New York Islanders @ Detroit Red Wings
Sunday, February 1 - Nashville Predators @ Pittsburgh Penguins
Monday, February 2 - Florida Panthers @ New York Rangers
Tuesday, February 3 - Los Angeles Kings @ Washington Capitals
Wednesday, January 28 - Boston Bruins @ New York Rangers

Morning Drive: Radio:PI- 1/29/15 with Ryan Wilson

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Stop Thanking Johnston for Letang by @wutendeskind

In the wake of Letang’s five-point night against the Winnipeg Jets, let me get this out of the way: Kris Letang is not a different hockey player this year than he’s been in his career, but his bandwagon welcomes you.

Kissing a Competent 4th Line Goodbye by @BrianK_PI

The downfall of the Pittsburgh Penguins last season was a bottom six that was often along for the ride and incapable of driving play and adding value on their own. It was a focus for Jim Rutherford when free agency opened, as he made a couple of great value signings in Blake Comeau and Steve Downie. Those players have been great, but the drive the rectify the team's shortcomings has fallen by the wayside since the season has started. While injuries have forced players higher in the lineup than they might be playing otherwise, the one constant in the equation has been the team remaining committed to an awful 4th line. Craig Adams and Zach Sill, despite being players that would struggle to hold down a roster spot on lottery teams, have somehow managed to play 42 and 33 games, respectively. They've combined for 2 goals and 5 assists during that timespan while managing a FF% of 47.6%. The team has previously brought in possible 4th line options in Rob Klinkhammer and Mark Arcobello before trading Marcel Goc for Maxim Lapierre. The front office that had decided (rightly) to try improving the 4th line in the offseason has now gone in the opposite direction.

Pens Trade Goc For Lapierre

The Penguins have traded Marcel Goc.

Crosby and Fleury and This and That by @ChicksDigHockey

This week there was not much this and even less that going on with the Penguins. There were, however, injuries wrapped in mystery and goalie goals. 

- Marc-Andre Fleury scored two goals in the skills competition at the All-Star Game. I wanted to see him jump up and down….do cartwheels….something! But he was cool about it. You know he’s saving the celly for the one he scores that counts. 

Morning Drive: Radio:PI- 1/26/15

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Shop Wars: @evil_shero vs. @ryannoble66 - Movie Posters #PIShopWars

Shop Wars is a competition between Paul Clemente and Ryan Noble to where a random theme is picked from a hat and we have to incorporate Penguins players to fit this theme. The winner is determined by YOU ... yes ... YOU. At the end of the page please vote below.

Last weeks #PIShopWars winner was +Ryan Noble  The theme was Album Covers and though Paul brought the noise AND the funk, it was Ryan who won his third consecutive battle.

This week is Movie Posters:

Evgeni Maklin - I Am Legend

American Sniper - Sidney Crosby

Beau Bennett - Unbreakable

Sidney Crosby - American Beauty

Steve Downie - The Shining

David Perron - Almost Famous

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