Top 10 Most Productive @Penguins Part-Timers

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I originally wanted to do a study to see who the most profound Penguins rentals were but it took me down this rabbit hole. Who made the most of their time in Pittsburgh? It turned into a different project all together. So I filtered all my results into less than 100 games played in the Black and Gold and who had the largest PPG in their time skating with Stanley on their chests. These were my results ...

.@Penguins New Third Jersey Released

We've waited eagerly with baited breathe to see what new sweater the Penguins will be occasionally wearing this year and finally the Penguins have released the new sweater to the public!  Commence freaking out!

Embracing the Hate by @kjcmalakai

Yeah, seeing images like this one hasn't gotten old yet...
     It shouldn't come as a galloping shock to anyone that has a pulse on the NHL and it's fanbases that the Pittsburgh Penguins franchise is not well liked.  A simple search on the internet of "most hated NHL franchises" populates with several links to sites that consistently rank the Pens in the top five most hated in the NHL.  We should all be pretty familiar with the myriad of reasons that other teams' fans have such vitriol toward our beloved hockey team, and I'm sure we're never tired of hearing them:

"Worst fan base in the league. They absolutely have no clue what they are talking about and lead the league in fans yelling "shoot" during the power play. Worst."

"Whiners... Especially that punk Crosby." 

" In 2003, they had the lowest attendance count for games. All penguins fans are therefore bandwagon fans."

"They're dirty and they whine, and yet they're the sweethearts of the league... What's not to hate?"

Pens Training Camp Updates: Malkin and Crosby Out, Interview Audio from MIke Johnston and Others

Pittsburgh Penguins' training camp is underway and there is already some big news. First off, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are not participating due to injuries. Apparently it is nothing serious, although we are not sure if Crosby has been fake arrested again or not. Here is what Josh Yohe had to say about the matter: 

A Few Takes on The Pens As They Start Training Camp by @MadChad412

I have no idea where the year went, but it is already mid-September and the Pittsburgh Penguins are already beginning training camp. The first preseason game is on Monday, September 22, and the regular season opener is less than a month away. It feels like it was just yesterday that the Pens were blowing a three-to-one series lead to the New York Rangers. Too soon? Do not worry, this is not a Rossi-like column writing off the Penguins chances before the season even begins. 

Season Preview: @DudesOnHockey On The @SanJoseSharks

Since their inception, the San Jose Sharks have been my "Number 2" team. Some of my greatest NHL memories are rooted around the team and my strong dislike for the Detroit Red Wings has nothing to do with the 2008-09 back and forth they had with the Pens.

I found the Dudes on Hockey podcast over a year and a half ago and have listened to Mike and Doug's coverage of the Sharks ever since. There's a lot to like about these guys' approach to their favorite team. They are full of knowledge about their team, the Pacific Division and the rest of the league, yet they never seem to take themselves too seriously. Check them out at

PensInitiative asked them for their thoughts on the Sharks' offseason and the future.  - Brian

Season Preview: @DaysofYOrr The Boston Bruins

The folks at Days of Y'Orr were nice enough to write a season preview for our friends to the North in the Boston Bruins. They have a great site and provide content in a humorous fashion, and they deserve a follow even if you aren't a Bruins' fan. They can be followed @DaysofYOrr and individually @JustinDOY, @PezDOY, @JonFDOY, @RobbPizzDOY, and @Purrgeron.
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